Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OMG OMG....dramas at level 4 of the library

...oka se malie se....

so, I'm here at the Library, (because i have no life like that hah) and i have the ipod serenading my eardrums with Vaniah's sexy voice, trying to love my topic and trying to reword the professors journal article....anyway ..after 23 minutes of ADHD, i found my 'omf' and my intellectual juices were flowing in my small brain...when I hear two females arguing (and I have music on LOUD)....so i remove em and realise, 2 Island chics are mouthing off at each other
Mouther 1: "Youre talkin' shit about me, and I heard you just now"
Mouther 2: "Whatever, what you talkin' about hoe"...oooh!
Mouther 1: "Bitch, you know what i'm talking about...imma fix your face up if you talk some mmore rarararar
Mouther 2: "Walk away honey,...walk away"
Mouther 1: "$($*&^*&()^&&*(((x 10
Mouther 2: "#$#$$@^&^*((&*****" x10
...Meanwhile, about 40 people around the girls have stopped their work to listen, and hope the exchange doesn't escalated to a good ol' physical education...
A palagi called out funnily;
...By then, we're all stopping. all ipods on pause, typing has stopped or slowed down, even the printer is listening.
The exchange continues for another 2 minutes and it becomes boring at this stage, it all about you say what say who say her say when say imm fukislam you into Otara.....still not actions though...boring....
Oh STOP - did i hear "fukislam"?
 Hmmm.....could these girls be from a particular warrior island in the Pacific, maybe Tonga?
hmmmm....now I'm nosily edging out of my chair like a good ol' Savaii child watching Alofa beat his wife. Again.
Ahem, ...yep, they're from that island in the Pacific....near to Tonga....Haapai i think.
And funnily enough, theyre both from the Waikato Samoan students association.
Good representation girls,,.......start doing your meaaogas and enough of the fukislamation.

funny how we've advanced so much but never leave our natural coconut wireless instincts behind....like the fact that i blogged about this altercation instead of loving my topic.
But hey, don't mouth at me, or i'll send some Samoan students from here to fix you up hahahah

fank you for the free show keols.

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kuaback said...

ahahaha..e kai malie kele.. maua foi la'u pauga aka i legei kaeao makagofie..ahar..happy loving your topic