Wednesday, March 03, 2010

an oldie, but a goodie (:

31 August 2009
It’s what’s best for me, they say

Bashful colours

Flamboyant movements

The soft breeze reeks of happiness

Your presence chokes my serene silence

“Hello gorgeous!”

“How are you honey”

“Here’s your cuppa lovey”

...sweetie, doll, darling!”

Your joyfulness

So pungent

Nauseating even

Why can you


Let me be?

You’ve checked me in

“I’tll be perfect for your needs!


Why? To be so called free?

To be independent and to rehabilitate

Recover and stand

On my shaky feet

Why then do I feel




Or is it just me?

Go away now

And let me be,

My silence comforts me

My soul weeps for me

My spirit yearns,...hopes...waits

...For an solution that will never be

So go away now

But leave me the silence that comforts me.

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