Saturday, March 06, 2010

It's falling into perfect harmony...

wow, things are working out.

So, whats changed? or at least, what am I working on changing?
1. Back to church, with MM in tow.
2. More routine in each week, more structure really. like the calendar on the fridge that we actually use.
3. Sharing our home with students. Samoan then Japanese. And then attempting to help them settle.
4. Keeping in touch with family and friends. (still gotta work hard on this)
5. Removing all the rif raf faikakala Facebook friends that aren't really friends and privating my page, thanx(:
6. Forgiving others who have been kulukus to us, and then blocking them on FB. forgive and forget(:
7. Feeding the fish on time
8. Watering the plants at all.
9. Spending less on rubbish(umm, except today when i accidently got shoes, dress, dress, bedsheets, Mcds)
10. Learning to have faith in people, irrespective on my poor judgements.
11. Managing my time effectively every week but having a Sunday planning session. And training MM and Frenchy to follow this too.
12. Be more astute and decisive. Stop being uncertain and ummm, overly fia nice unnecesarily. but still politely saying '...airena toe taumafai mai i le laina.'

What am in still finding challenging?
1. Focusing on tasks fully at extended periods of time. (e A.D.D.le aunky?)
2. Hanging the washing.
3. Putting MM to sleep on time.
4. Paying attention to the lauga while in church
5. Feeding the fish on time.
6. Watering the plants at all.
7. Spending $$ on rubbish
8. Not having faith in people (serious trust issues much?)
9. Keeping in touch wt loved ones (coz im lazy, or coz i got no credits or coz im just slack like that?)
10. Coming to terms with parting with $700 that I owe those kolilas at IRD.
11. Sticking to my time management plan.
12. Drinking less coffee. Red Bull. V. Oyster Bays. Black Russians.
13. I'm still such a pushover, I am Librian after all, and diplomatic to a pitiful fault but im tryin'!...

eh, thats it for now....manuia le weekend, behave yourselves and remember the words of a wise man from Safua,
"Go for gold and shoot the ponat!"


Salvation_says... said...

Talofa Goddess, malie kele lou blog. Sorry to sidebust on ya but I'm just now finding other polynesian blogs and can I just say its refreshing to know that there are other Samoan Librans out there fighting the same battle. I loved your list (I just deleted half the faika's on my FB list yesterday lol) and Im really enjoying your blogs. Pray your 2010 continues to get better and more blessed. Soifua, Ria

Goddess said...

Thank Ria,
hah, e malie lava le list ae e le malie le fact that I keep failing to follow though with my plans.
story of moi life!
how screwed are we? samoan and librian...lousy combination!
manuia le aso suga