Tuesday, March 30, 2010

David Tua, Alo i ou faiva

After the Sevens team victory last week, we are retaining our positive winning energies for Tua's fight this evening against...Friday.

May the power, the force, the might, the tofa mamao and the mana be with you Tua.

Speaking of champs, I am really coming back to liking Davia Tua again.
He is once again a humble guy trying to get through, humbly and without the crazy hairdo.
I did lose interest in his abilities during the height of his career, when he had all those trash talkin' Americans in his Vegas camp and fiapoks Kevin Barry on his side...I could'a told ya he stank of kuluku long time ago but nobody would listen ! okach!

Anyway, sometimes, gettin' your ego deflated can really make you see things clearly, and I am glad to see Tua humble himself again. He's become his people's fighter again,...without the bells and whistles and kuluk kuluks misleading him.

Go Tuaman - Like one man from Vaiala said (aye Utu, i think its you and Nets uncle:-)
"Those are your lungs!" O ou mama na... and thank you for the space (:"


kuaback said...

alo i ou faiva Tua..o ou mama na..

Goddess said...

faafetai Lemalu mo le tapuaiga, hahaha.....dayum, i need to check the comments more often!