Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ave lo'u ola ia aoga

Tua won by unanimous decison, malo i points.
Sorry, No knock out. Not a lot of left hook and airena uppercut.
But a win nevertheless and a proud moment for Samorah and New Zealande.

Friday was a worthy opponent yesterday, but not today (hehe, daily humor there hah, sorry not funny).

I was on the edge of the couch from round 1 to round 9 and then realised Tua wasn't gonna knock him out.

By round 10 I was getting frustrated with Tua prancing and attacking briefly but still no outstanding knocks.

Fark being strategic, just punch the faka in the face 10 times and repeat the process.
Why does he not take opportunities when the dude's guard is down and his ribcage is hit 12 times?

That fight was all foreplay and nada excitement....

I was hoping for some consistent power from the Tuaman, and I thought he was delaying delivering the goods to prove he can last, but dayum, I was itching for some explosive hits.

Eh, ia, malolo mai ia le au maimoa, mea sili ua malo si tama.

The entrance song for Tua did reduce me to tears, and the same effect on the loudest ulavale samoan in the building., it was "Ave lo'u ola ia aoga"....a beautiful EFKS hymn sung by Lapi Mariner, but for any Samoan anywhere who grew up with 2AP, TV Samoa, Lotu a tamaiti and the passing of a loved one - it was heartfelt, sad, humbling, inspiring .....and tearful.
I don't want to be sad but it made me think of those who have left us too soon in the last year....this was Tua's gift to them, and to all those grieving and all those people watching.

Thank you Tua for putting us again and again on the maa salafa,.

Viia le Alii!

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