Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter everyone....we're going camping.

Ave lo'u ola ia aoga

Tua won by unanimous decison, malo i points.
Sorry, No knock out. Not a lot of left hook and airena uppercut.
But a win nevertheless and a proud moment for Samorah and New Zealande.

Friday was a worthy opponent yesterday, but not today (hehe, daily humor there hah, sorry not funny).

I was on the edge of the couch from round 1 to round 9 and then realised Tua wasn't gonna knock him out.

By round 10 I was getting frustrated with Tua prancing and attacking briefly but still no outstanding knocks.

Fark being strategic, just punch the faka in the face 10 times and repeat the process.
Why does he not take opportunities when the dude's guard is down and his ribcage is hit 12 times?

That fight was all foreplay and nada excitement....

I was hoping for some consistent power from the Tuaman, and I thought he was delaying delivering the goods to prove he can last, but dayum, I was itching for some explosive hits.

Eh, ia, malolo mai ia le au maimoa, mea sili ua malo si tama.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OMG OMG....dramas at level 4 of the library

...oka se malie se....

so, I'm here at the Library, (because i have no life like that hah) and i have the ipod serenading my eardrums with Vaniah's sexy voice, trying to love my topic and trying to reword the professors journal article....anyway ..after 23 minutes of ADHD, i found my 'omf' and my intellectual juices were flowing in my small brain...when I hear two females arguing (and I have music on LOUD) i remove em and realise, 2 Island chics are mouthing off at each other
Mouther 1: "Youre talkin' shit about me, and I heard you just now"
Mouther 2: "Whatever, what you talkin' about hoe"...oooh!
Mouther 1: "Bitch, you know what i'm talking about...imma fix your face up if you talk some mmore rarararar
Mouther 2: "Walk away honey,...walk away"
Mouther 1: "$($*&^*&()^&&*(((x 10
Mouther 2: "#$#$$@^&^*((&*****" x10
...Meanwhile, about 40 people around the girls have stopped their work to listen, and hope the exchange doesn't escalated to a good ol' physical education...
A palagi called out funnily;
...By then, we're all stopping. all ipods on pause, typing has stopped or slowed down, even the printer is listening.
The exchange continues for another 2 minutes and it becomes boring at this stage, it all about you say what say who say her say when say imm fukislam you into Otara.....still not actions though...boring....
Oh STOP - did i hear "fukislam"?
 Hmmm.....could these girls be from a particular warrior island in the Pacific, maybe Tonga? I'm nosily edging out of my chair like a good ol' Savaii child watching Alofa beat his wife. Again.
Ahem, ...yep, they're from that island in the Pacific....near to Tonga....Haapai i think.
And funnily enough, theyre both from the Waikato Samoan students association.
Good representation girls,,.......start doing your meaaogas and enough of the fukislamation.

funny how we've advanced so much but never leave our natural coconut wireless instincts the fact that i blogged about this altercation instead of loving my topic.
But hey, don't mouth at me, or i'll send some Samoan students from here to fix you up hahahah

fank you for the free show keols.

David Tua, Alo i ou faiva

After the Sevens team victory last week, we are retaining our positive winning energies for Tua's fight this evening against...Friday.

May the power, the force, the might, the tofa mamao and the mana be with you Tua.

Speaking of champs, I am really coming back to liking Davia Tua again.
He is once again a humble guy trying to get through, humbly and without the crazy hairdo.
I did lose interest in his abilities during the height of his career, when he had all those trash talkin' Americans in his Vegas camp and fiapoks Kevin Barry on his side...I could'a told ya he stank of kuluku long time ago but nobody would listen ! okach!

Anyway, sometimes, gettin' your ego deflated can really make you see things clearly, and I am glad to see Tua humble himself again. He's become his people's fighter again,...without the bells and whistles and kuluk kuluks misleading him.

Go Tuaman - Like one man from Vaiala said (aye Utu, i think its you and Nets uncle:-)
"Those are your lungs!" O ou mama na... and thank you for the space (:"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Manu Samoa Champions in Hong Kong.....again (:

Our household have been neck deep in Sevens fever - and our prayers were answered with a win over the Kiwis last night.
Yay!!! We are soooo proud of the boys, and of Steve The best coach in the world, move over Gordon t (:

Malo le fai o le faiva, oka, ua ka fia falealili fua aku ma kaika se i le dop mai o le au boyses i HKG.
Well done!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Pacific Books that 'influenced' me.

The books I read growing up were my older siblings leftovers, my mother's treasured collection and books that palagis left on our rickety library shelves.
Some were uneventful or too complicated for my limited faa-engrand, but some remain etched in the back of my coconut head.
Some affected me so in my writing and my thinking....ia ua lelei Dr. Aivaleach.
One of those books was "My Samoan Chief" by Fay Alailima.
It was one of the first few 'big people' books I read from start to finish and I was inspired.
This was a story by the author about her own personal experience, courting a Samoan chief. I fell inlove with her story and her chief, and as I read through her lens of Samoa, I saw a different picture from what I knew... and I was hopeful....and in awe.
Now looking back, I hope palagi women don't read this and think that all Samoan chiefs are as brilliant (and hot) like Leiataua...nooooo way, he was one of a kind.
Every time we go to kua to Salani, I am reminded of this author's journey in the days when roads were non- existent to kua and afakasi children played in the forest.
hmmm, what a thought (:

Lagaga by Malama Meleisea was the book every History student in Samoa College needed to plaigiase and reword. It was a short, concise and thankfully easy to read History of Samoa. This was so important to me in Year 12, until Leota Ituau Ale, a former politician walked into our lives and challenged us to 'question' these historical accounts  - and it made me realise- wow, there is soooo much more we don't know!...and how sad that much of our oral histories will never be retold?
Which is why it is crucial to have a copy of earlier account, like the 1928 book by Sir Peter Buck on Samoan Material Culture and Dr Kramer's The Samoa Islands and the faalupega.

For light reading, I found Sia Figiel entertaining, painfully true and very very FUNNY! While this was fictitious set up and characters, everything about her stories took me back to Matautu Tai - which is the author's non fiction village, and the ever present pulu tree, still there, and the prying eyes of the faikakala neighbours. I loved my days at my good friend's home - and her backyard that was the blue ocean. When I read SIa's books, it was beautiful, because I already had the setting glued to my memories and I already knew about the neighbours, and the beach and the nearby wharf that was the notorious spot for 'transactional' exchanges.

I never managed my way through the "Pacific Way". I will attempt that again this year.
Epeli Hauofa's Sea of Islands will always be my pride and joy.
Of course, Margaret Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa is a good read. Sorry guys but despite the questions around her findings, she still protrayed some truths and are worth reading about. Read with a pinch of salt,....lemon and tequila shot.
Who else influenced me with their writings?
Tate Simi's poem about Being Samoan is another work of art....and food for thought.

I am getting Palagi Tafaovale to read in the weekend - and then will note what I think.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to Lani Wendt's book about the tsunami that should be out this year,...can't wait!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Weekend One, March 2010

Took the Japanese to the beach, played in the sand with MM, slept until the clouds covered the sun and I got cold. Walked to the rocky isle that gives the best views of Mount Maunganui - took photos, drove around towards Papamoa, had fish and cheeeeps next to the swings and slide, drove home, wrestled with MM trying to wash the kg of sand in her hair, cooked roast chicken and then got quietly aiu coz the Sapagi ate most of it before any of us ate.
rushed to New World to get milk, saw 2 mangoes for $3.00 from Peru. Bought 6.
Spongebob yogurt for MM.
Honey for the hungry Sapagi.
Bread for the household.
Peanut butter on sale, bought 2.
....and almost forgot the milk.

Preparing for this week:
-Scholarships due Friday, last minute rush for references.
-Complete proposal. PLEASE!!!!
-Get approval to do DEV paper online.
-Pay the shits at IRD.
-Sapagi's graduation on Wednesday
-Payday on Thursday,...Yay!
-Pasifika Festival Saturday.
- FOCUS!!!

It's falling into perfect harmony...

wow, things are working out.

So, whats changed? or at least, what am I working on changing?
1. Back to church, with MM in tow.
2. More routine in each week, more structure really. like the calendar on the fridge that we actually use.
3. Sharing our home with students. Samoan then Japanese. And then attempting to help them settle.
4. Keeping in touch with family and friends. (still gotta work hard on this)
5. Removing all the rif raf faikakala Facebook friends that aren't really friends and privating my page, thanx(:
6. Forgiving others who have been kulukus to us, and then blocking them on FB. forgive and forget(:
7. Feeding the fish on time
8. Watering the plants at all.
9. Spending less on rubbish(umm, except today when i accidently got shoes, dress, dress, bedsheets, Mcds)
10. Learning to have faith in people, irrespective on my poor judgements.
11. Managing my time effectively every week but having a Sunday planning session. And training MM and Frenchy to follow this too.
12. Be more astute and decisive. Stop being uncertain and ummm, overly fia nice unnecesarily. but still politely saying '...airena toe taumafai mai i le laina.'

What am in still finding challenging?
1. Focusing on tasks fully at extended periods of time. (e A.D.D.le aunky?)
2. Hanging the washing.
3. Putting MM to sleep on time.
4. Paying attention to the lauga while in church
5. Feeding the fish on time.
6. Watering the plants at all.
7. Spending $$ on rubbish
8. Not having faith in people (serious trust issues much?)
9. Keeping in touch wt loved ones (coz im lazy, or coz i got no credits or coz im just slack like that?)
10. Coming to terms with parting with $700 that I owe those kolilas at IRD.
11. Sticking to my time management plan.
12. Drinking less coffee. Red Bull. V. Oyster Bays. Black Russians.
13. I'm still such a pushover, I am Librian after all, and diplomatic to a pitiful fault but im tryin'!...

eh, thats it for now....manuia le weekend, behave yourselves and remember the words of a wise man from Safua,
"Go for gold and shoot the ponat!"

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

an oldie, but a goodie (:

31 August 2009
It’s what’s best for me, they say

Bashful colours

Flamboyant movements

The soft breeze reeks of happiness

Your presence chokes my serene silence

“Hello gorgeous!”

“How are you honey”

“Here’s your cuppa lovey”

...sweetie, doll, darling!”

Your joyfulness

So pungent

Nauseating even

Why can you


Let me be?

You’ve checked me in

“I’tll be perfect for your needs!


Why? To be so called free?

To be independent and to rehabilitate

Recover and stand

On my shaky feet

Why then do I feel




Or is it just me?

Go away now

And let me be,

My silence comforts me

My soul weeps for me

My spirit yearns,...hopes...waits

...For an solution that will never be

So go away now

But leave me the silence that comforts me.