Thursday, February 11, 2010

wow, Keni missed the point altogether

Two days ago, Samoa Observer breaks out with the story that Miss Samoa has resigned, (the 2nd one in 5 months).
One day later, an article pops up entitled "Pageant reputation tainted, says former Miss Samoa" accompanied by a harsh editorial by Mataafa headed "Stop this embarrasement"

Both article attacked the two winners, accusing them of ruining the image of the pageant, embarrasing, etc etc. Mataafa even mentioned an inside source claiming that the girl was difficult etc...hearsay hearsay, secondhand information.....he really should not do this, because STA is a small office and we can pinpoint exactly who his source is, and then she will be in trouble with her boss ma isi mea faapena.

O le fesili faamolemole,
What happened to probing editorials that points out the facts, reveals things that I as the reader didn't think of? What happened to the editorial that leaves you wanting, asking, reflecting?
That article did one thing, it showed that the editor failed to see both sides of the pagea.
He failed to question the role of STA in all this hoopla, he failed to address or even investigate the problems cited by the Pomele girl....gone are the days of well researched enlightening writings....

Who dares asks what the CEO is doing in all this?
Who dares ask whether these quoted former beauty queens are getting "their" side of the story from the CEO? or from the Committee that one belongs to?
Who dares ask how STA can move forward and clean up this mess once and for all?
Who dares ask, should this costly event be privatised so that it doesn't waste any more of the taxpayers sweat and blood?
Who dares question what the Minister of that authority has to say about all this? or does it have to be a happy event only and a happy faces portrait?

Eh kafefe, ua kele fesili ae leai gi kali.

Ia - maguia le weekend ma aua le sooga faia.


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D-XiaoK said...

Ae sa'o a, I was like "Keni, just take it down"

Anyone who's ever been uprooted and relocated knows that the small things can matter. Especially where you end up living, working and playing. If wasnt stacking up to the flowery promises, then why bother when you have better options.