Monday, February 22, 2010

What is good for Upolu, is pathetic for Savaii

Since everyone writing to Samoa Observer is screaming murder about the nurses in Savaii, I thought I'd pacrack my own opinion, because after all, I am the Goddess of Savaii.
Pugi laia.

 So are those nurses murderer for not acting differently?
However, they should take some share of the blame for the deaths of the mother and child. May they rest in peace.
They mey not have had the expertise, but they are human- women who saw a woman die while they sat on their asses.

The blame is hierarchical.
Starts from the policy makers, who are the current Govt (and you say, eh, stop blaming the govt) - who appoint health administrators, who are expected to make mountains out of molehills,..miracles of out of meagre budgets. They who are building white elephants at Aleipata and Mulinuu while th basic needs for life is ignored.

Blame the disfunctional system.

Soooo easy to do this,....but for the grieving family, the system needs a face, and a mouth, and a remorseful apology.
Faamanatu Nielsen can continue to ask for calm and reason, but how can she calm the four children without a mother? and the man who has lost his wife and his child?

Just think about that poor mother, she was in labour, which is so so so so painful, and all she was hearing were mean remarks from bitter overworked nurses.
She was dying and she suffered alone, she begged for help and she got none,.
This is the most painful thing ever, she died without having her needs assessed.
She was denied the right to be treated with care, love, consideration.
Eh, kalofa e si tina.

This is enough tragedies for the nurses to get their shit together and stop treating women in labour like ignorant idiots. STop yelling at women to go walk and stop being noisy.
Stop being dickheads to the young mothers and the teenagers struggling to give birth.
Women are so fagile - I will never forget when *Anoi went into labour, and we took her to hospital, she was sent to the ward room with 6 other women, and while she was having contractions 1 minute apart, the nurse walked over to her and said "Ea? e kiga? afu a ga o le fia kekega...gage laia!"
Meanwhile, she was in extreme pain but she was instructed to be quiet!

Our priorities are so screwed up as a nation. Its pathetic.
I hope the family DO NOT retract from suing the Ministry.
Sue them and make them learn.
...all the pregnant women in Savaii should go to Apia if they want their babies to have a slight chance of surviving.


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