Sunday, February 21, 2010

Uma upu, aue

There's something truly sombering about opening your legs and having equipment go in and you winching at the discomfort that comes with it...
Ouch, and I grit my teeth and my finger nails dig into my palms.
And as you crinch, the female doctor looks at you in with THAT look as if to say "oh puhleease, you don't even feel that! you mother of one who has has a lot of activity down there so don't fein pain, so open your cervix and i'll get on with the swaps".
So I got the IUCD removed and the smears and all other tests done.
She gives me a brief spielle about ovulating, folic acids, etc etc and then she says
"well, youre not getting any younger"
Just check my pipi and shut up i don't want your expert opinion about my age.
Anyhow, so now that that thing is out, I now have to muster the energy to have sex again, choooohoooo.
Only thing is that we have a 2 year old contraceptive that sleeps between us every night.

What we did in the weekend:
Saturday: Went to Auckland for Ben and Kirsty Hulme's wedding.
Beautiful - service was at St Mathews in the City - what a magical location. The only three times ive been in that cathedral has been corporate events and being sloshed with it was surreal being in that building and it was a spiritual event.
During the service, MM wanted to wee, and the cathedral doesn't have toilets, and she didn't want to wait. Koeikiki lava aiga le po i maka o si mea but then i thought "anti smacking bill, anti-smacking bill", so I missed the vows, rings, readings while I carried MM to SkyCity to have a wee and then carrying her up the street again in my pretty dress and my single ladies the time i was back in church, I was flustered, sweaty and wishing I left MM with the familia.

We had 4 hours before the reception, so we drove to Mission Bay, where all the Jaffas were sun-baking. We ordered fresh fish and chips.
Laid out our picnic blanky and had a mean feed.
MM wanted to play, so we did the fobsquad, took off her party dress and kaalo in the sand in her warehouse undies and her $2.00 shop hat.
Cheap thrills aye.
Reception was at Manhattan: good ol' kiwi Samoan feed: taro, kale moa, salads -decoration, mussels in coconut cream,. taro in coconut cream, well, everything in coconut cream and then the final clog on the struggling artery, pua'a and crackling to end all crackings. chooohooooo...we walked in slim and after the fasi puaa we sat like fat bastards....Loved it!

Sunday: Caitriona's Farm, Tainui Road.
Watched the cows being milked in our friend's shed.
Had picnic under a massive gum tree, walked over the hills, ate crisps and salads, drank Oyster Bay savignon and watched the churens jump off rocks, pick daisies, eat crisps, step in cow poo and counting sheep and cows. Drank chilled cows milk....straight from the, tasted like very rich...MILK!
We'll do this again before the summer ends.
MM said this: We went to the farm, aye Mum....(Yes MM), we saw the cow do a poo, aye Mum (Yes). The cow's poo is sinky aye Mum (Yes MM)....Hahahahaha....and then repeat the same lines x 4.

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Shark Girl said...

haha @ the 2yr old contraceptive...i need to get me one of those. Mine has expired - now 4 yrs old :)