Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Talented vivacious women with the gift of writing stunning pieces ..oka, ka'i kele!

Sita's writing is ...painfully to the point and she doesn't fluff around, she makes you laugh with her frank expressions and stories, and while youre rolling on the ground laughing, she kicks you in the groin (sorry boyses) and then stands back, swig her cocktail and smiles. Full of suprises. No bullshit writer. SIa Figiel's crudeness looks like childplay compared to Sida....nice nice.
watch out for the story on

Love that Samoa's writer in this collation is not an airy fairy 'My day at the Beach' boredom, this is waaay better...

Fotu (Vaai) on the other hand, toys her words and tells her stories with eloquency and ...hmmm, still crude, we can't do without crude mate.
But if youve grown up in Samowah, she's your nod in agreement at what she's saying and then before you knew it, you're lead astray.  She's more subtle about kicking you while youre on the ground....actually, she doesn't kick, she turns slowly and stabs you with her pointed stilettos.

Gage laia, maguia le vaiaso

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