Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm ai valea

I emailed the lecturer about my poor grading (68.33%) from the last test.
I wanted to know where I failed, and what I could have done better so I can incorporate his feedback positively in future, (in layman language, i was asking, why the f&* are you being a pedantic asshole about my answers when I covered topics?)
He suggested we met, and before he looked at my paper he blurted indignantly,
"What did you expect? Youre going against extremely intelligent and bright students in this class, some of your answers paled in comparison!"

Ouch. He's the expert - he obviously saw through me and made the psychoanalysis that I was simply


Okay, maybe i'm a simple Jane with how I presented my regressional fucken analysis, okay, maybe my alternative hypothesis was pathetic compared to the nerdy wanker doing his second PhD in 2 years, but maybe, I just answered the question you bloody asked and I didn't make a song and dance about giving various examples and graphs.
I'm never gonna attempt statistical bullshit again.

My stupid mind is now saying:
I hope the bastard is miserable and insomniac.
I hope he grows a scrotum on his forehead., it'll definitely match his dickhead complexion.

Fucken academics.

Who needs to do quantitative research anyway, aside from the World Bank, ADB, CBS, BBC, EU and all them jerks.

kao i se umu gei koeaiiga polo maagumigumi.


Fotu said...


What an ass!

Ia onosa'i ia my kia. Let not one ignorant professor's lack of tact ruffle your beautiful manumea feathers. You probably rattled his self worth a little with all your questioning, not to mention your dashing good looks! Lol

Stay up and good luck in the next test!

Laters briddy!!

kuaback said...

Don't let one stupid prick pull your kuiga down..

I know you was gan do it put your *beep beep* to it..

good luck girly

Goddess said...
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Goddess said...

hah, i ended up with a B+ overall, ruining my A grading streak, and the keste lecturer has left the depto head the Mngt prog in Vic Uni,WLG (poor Vic). I tell ya, i hope he doesn't teach in his new role, hes one narky old faka....and loads of complaints from our class.
ia ga laia, e lau mai lava le aivalea, ae sisi lava le kuiga ma le pale fuiono a le tamaitai lokokele le kea, choohooo...fanks for the fellowship vicious scholars, haha