Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Diary....Aue...

I am gutted, I just wrote a beautiful, eloquently worded essay and then it dissapeared!!!!
farken hell, what happened?
My Nobel Prize winning words that danced from my head to the keyboard has evaporated.
Kao i se umu se.
Google - are you stealing my masterpieces???

okay, I forgot everything else but the gist of the story is,

I'm having my IUCD removed on Monday.
Breaking news,
And having a cervical smear, because I'm a considerate person like that.
I don't wanna die unnecesarily when I could check now and get my warrant of fitness for now.
And then still get run over by a bus.
coz Life's like that.
Pugi laia,
Stay healthy and get your betweens checked ladies.
Do it for your loved ones!


ulalei said...

eh lou alelo! i'm sitting here at the airport waiting for my flight to vienna. Read your blog and laughed so loud it scared the swiss... anyway, hope you're well babes! :)

IsaLeiese said...

praying for ya suga! Hope all goes well on your procedure. Its during important times that technology sucks total ass. Hope the word flows come back to you.


Goddess said...

hahah, i just read your comments now,....thanks for the reading gyrls, mea lava e faapasi ai le kaimi!

alofa atu