Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back up your memoirs!!!!

Here's a reminder to especially my family members whose lives every step are all saved on a hard drive or a laptop that is carried around carelessly!
The biggest advice i can give is, save your photos and important digital documents in 2 places!

You only have to scan the papers to see stories of people pleading for their stolen laptop with the life's work or their dying son's photos.

It doesn't have to be that way, SAVE THEM NOW!

For the antiques reading this, you can save your photos on a memory stick, or hard drive with more space.
Or copy images to CDs and save these elsewhere, even the garage in case you have a house fire.

Thiefs these days mainly go for electronics,....and ladies panties if its a thief from Manurewa haha! so be vigilant about your property.

We were robbed 4 months after MM was born, and we were such an easy target, we had the laptop in a drawer, the ipod on a shelf, the dvd player where it should be, everything was so accessible.
Since then, we have learnt a lot more abou avoiding these misfortunes.
 We do have the alarm system now but apparently, that doesn't always save you.
SO always hide the laptop when you leave the house....we now have a place we place this when we leave.

As for hard drives, our cousin had a lifetime of memories in a hard drive that she dropped by mistake, and everything turned to dust inside....literally! you see, save them in 2 places.

And my sister stubbornly left her laptop in her car in front of Giordanos and that was gone too, along with her 'hard drive'. You see, save it in 2 places.
so, don't be an unnecessary victim, save your images, save them in 2 places, hide your electronics, take extra precaution and ummmm, remember, electronics and gadgets can be replaced, photographic memories can't!
 And when you do get robbed, or drop your hard drive, or your house burns down, or your home gets trashed, you can say "At least we saved our memories in.........
2 places. (And neither of them is in your head!) 

Look at this image, I will never forgive myself if i lose this stunning one
of Megz, Lani and Mom,....and Megz Louis Vuitton skirt, chooohooooo!!!!

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