Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back up your memoirs!!!!

Here's a reminder to especially my family members whose lives every step are all saved on a hard drive or a laptop that is carried around carelessly!
The biggest advice i can give is, save your photos and important digital documents in 2 places!

You only have to scan the papers to see stories of people pleading for their stolen laptop with the life's work or their dying son's photos.

It doesn't have to be that way, SAVE THEM NOW!

For the antiques reading this, you can save your photos on a memory stick, or hard drive with more space.
Or copy images to CDs and save these elsewhere, even the garage in case you have a house fire.

Thiefs these days mainly go for electronics,....and ladies panties if its a thief from Manurewa haha! so be vigilant about your property.

We were robbed 4 months after MM was born, and we were such an easy target, we had the laptop in a drawer, the ipod on a shelf, the dvd player where it should be, everything was so accessible.
Since then, we have learnt a lot more abou avoiding these misfortunes.
 We do have the alarm system now but apparently, that doesn't always save you.
SO always hide the laptop when you leave the house....we now have a place we place this when we leave.

As for hard drives, our cousin had a lifetime of memories in a hard drive that she dropped by mistake, and everything turned to dust inside....literally! you see, save them in 2 places.

And my sister stubbornly left her laptop in her car in front of Giordanos and that was gone too, along with her 'hard drive'. You see, save it in 2 places.
so, don't be an unnecessary victim, save your images, save them in 2 places, hide your electronics, take extra precaution and ummmm, remember, electronics and gadgets can be replaced, photographic memories can't!
 And when you do get robbed, or drop your hard drive, or your house burns down, or your home gets trashed, you can say "At least we saved our memories in.........
2 places. (And neither of them is in your head!) 

Look at this image, I will never forgive myself if i lose this stunning one
of Megz, Lani and Mom,....and Megz Louis Vuitton skirt, chooohooooo!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

What is good for Upolu, is pathetic for Savaii

Since everyone writing to Samoa Observer is screaming murder about the nurses in Savaii, I thought I'd pacrack my own opinion, because after all, I am the Goddess of Savaii.
Pugi laia.

 So are those nurses murderer for not acting differently?
However, they should take some share of the blame for the deaths of the mother and child. May they rest in peace.
They mey not have had the expertise, but they are human- women who saw a woman die while they sat on their asses.

The blame is hierarchical.
Starts from the policy makers, who are the current Govt (and you say, eh, stop blaming the govt) - who appoint health administrators, who are expected to make mountains out of molehills,..miracles of out of meagre budgets. They who are building white elephants at Aleipata and Mulinuu while th basic needs for life is ignored.

Blame the disfunctional system.

Soooo easy to do this,....but for the grieving family, the system needs a face, and a mouth, and a remorseful apology.
Faamanatu Nielsen can continue to ask for calm and reason, but how can she calm the four children without a mother? and the man who has lost his wife and his child?

Just think about that poor mother, she was in labour, which is so so so so painful, and all she was hearing were mean remarks from bitter overworked nurses.
She was dying and she suffered alone, she begged for help and she got none,.
This is the most painful thing ever, she died without having her needs assessed.
She was denied the right to be treated with care, love, consideration.
Eh, kalofa e si tina.

This is enough tragedies for the nurses to get their shit together and stop treating women in labour like ignorant idiots. STop yelling at women to go walk and stop being noisy.
Stop being dickheads to the young mothers and the teenagers struggling to give birth.
Women are so fagile - I will never forget when *Anoi went into labour, and we took her to hospital, she was sent to the ward room with 6 other women, and while she was having contractions 1 minute apart, the nurse walked over to her and said "Ea? e kiga? afu a ga o le fia kekega...gage laia!"
Meanwhile, she was in extreme pain but she was instructed to be quiet!

Our priorities are so screwed up as a nation. Its pathetic.
I hope the family DO NOT retract from suing the Ministry.
Sue them and make them learn.
...all the pregnant women in Savaii should go to Apia if they want their babies to have a slight chance of surviving.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Uma upu, aue

There's something truly sombering about opening your legs and having equipment go in and you winching at the discomfort that comes with it...
Ouch, and I grit my teeth and my finger nails dig into my palms.
And as you crinch, the female doctor looks at you in with THAT look as if to say "oh puhleease, you don't even feel that! you mother of one who has has a lot of activity down there so don't fein pain, so open your cervix and i'll get on with the swaps".
So I got the IUCD removed and the smears and all other tests done.
She gives me a brief spielle about ovulating, folic acids, etc etc and then she says
"well, youre not getting any younger"
Just check my pipi and shut up i don't want your expert opinion about my age.
Anyhow, so now that that thing is out, I now have to muster the energy to have sex again, choooohoooo.
Only thing is that we have a 2 year old contraceptive that sleeps between us every night.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Diary....Aue...

I am gutted, I just wrote a beautiful, eloquently worded essay and then it dissapeared!!!!
farken hell, what happened?
My Nobel Prize winning words that danced from my head to the keyboard has evaporated.
Kao i se umu se.
Google - are you stealing my masterpieces???

okay, I forgot everything else but the gist of the story is,

I'm having my IUCD removed on Monday.
Breaking news,
And having a cervical smear, because I'm a considerate person like that.
I don't wanna die unnecesarily when I could check now and get my warrant of fitness for now.
And then still get run over by a bus.
coz Life's like that.
Pugi laia,
Stay healthy and get your betweens checked ladies.
Do it for your loved ones!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

wow, Keni missed the point altogether

Two days ago, Samoa Observer breaks out with the story that Miss Samoa has resigned, (the 2nd one in 5 months).
One day later, an article pops up entitled "Pageant reputation tainted, says former Miss Samoa" accompanied by a harsh editorial by Mataafa headed "Stop this embarrasement"

Both article attacked the two winners, accusing them of ruining the image of the pageant, embarrasing, etc etc. Mataafa even mentioned an inside source claiming that the girl was difficult etc...hearsay hearsay, secondhand information.....he really should not do this, because STA is a small office and we can pinpoint exactly who his source is, and then she will be in trouble with her boss ma isi mea faapena.

O le fesili faamolemole,
What happened to probing editorials that points out the facts, reveals things that I as the reader didn't think of? What happened to the editorial that leaves you wanting, asking, reflecting?
That article did one thing, it showed that the editor failed to see both sides of the pagea.
He failed to question the role of STA in all this hoopla, he failed to address or even investigate the problems cited by the Pomele girl....gone are the days of well researched enlightening writings....

Who dares asks what the CEO is doing in all this?
Who dares ask whether these quoted former beauty queens are getting "their" side of the story from the CEO? or from the Committee that one belongs to?
Who dares ask how STA can move forward and clean up this mess once and for all?
Who dares ask, should this costly event be privatised so that it doesn't waste any more of the taxpayers sweat and blood?
Who dares question what the Minister of that authority has to say about all this? or does it have to be a happy event only and a happy faces portrait?

Eh kafefe, ua kele fesili ae leai gi kali.

Ia - maguia le weekend ma aua le sooga faia.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm ai valea

I emailed the lecturer about my poor grading (68.33%) from the last test.
I wanted to know where I failed, and what I could have done better so I can incorporate his feedback positively in future, (in layman language, i was asking, why the f&* are you being a pedantic asshole about my answers when I covered topics?)
He suggested we met, and before he looked at my paper he blurted indignantly,
"What did you expect? Youre going against extremely intelligent and bright students in this class, some of your answers paled in comparison!"

Ouch. He's the expert - he obviously saw through me and made the psychoanalysis that I was simply


Okay, maybe i'm a simple Jane with how I presented my regressional fucken analysis, okay, maybe my alternative hypothesis was pathetic compared to the nerdy wanker doing his second PhD in 2 years, but maybe, I just answered the question you bloody asked and I didn't make a song and dance about giving various examples and graphs.
I'm never gonna attempt statistical bullshit again.

My stupid mind is now saying:
I hope the bastard is miserable and insomniac.
I hope he grows a scrotum on his forehead., it'll definitely match his dickhead complexion.

Fucken academics.

Who needs to do quantitative research anyway, aside from the World Bank, ADB, CBS, BBC, EU and all them jerks.

kao i se umu gei koeaiiga polo maagumigumi.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Talented vivacious women with the gift of writing stunning pieces ..oka, ka'i kele!

Sita's writing is ...painfully to the point and she doesn't fluff around, she makes you laugh with her frank expressions and stories, and while youre rolling on the ground laughing, she kicks you in the groin (sorry boyses) and then stands back, swig her cocktail and smiles. Full of suprises. No bullshit writer. SIa Figiel's crudeness looks like childplay compared to Sida....nice nice.
watch out for the story on

Love that Samoa's writer in this collation is not an airy fairy 'My day at the Beach' boredom, this is waaay better...

Fotu (Vaai) on the other hand, toys her words and tells her stories with eloquency and ...hmmm, still crude, we can't do without crude mate.
But if youve grown up in Samowah, she's your nod in agreement at what she's saying and then before you knew it, you're lead astray.  She's more subtle about kicking you while youre on the ground....actually, she doesn't kick, she turns slowly and stabs you with her pointed stilettos.

Gage laia, maguia le vaiaso