Thursday, January 21, 2010

Niue like you've never seen before...

I have found the most surreal, stunning, expressive and brilliant works of art in a Niue based artist.
I was exposed to his work through Mr Avaiki on facebook and I am loving it!

And I found some honest Images on Niue.

Anyhow, have a peek and you'll know what im rarahing on about...
check out the watery images makes you want to be in the water!

and this new painting has Vanessa in it....very eeriely serene, oka se nice!

Click on the link to real more about this one entitled: Approaching Cyan - oil on canvas. Mark Cross


kuaback said...

I friggin' LOVE LOVE LOVE the water images..
thanks for sharing

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


Even week another photo album

Greetings from Italy,


Markx said...

Thanks for your comments Goddess.

Mark, Niue