Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kuluku post just for the sake of posting during my break haha

Its that time of the year, when fresh faced-bright-eyed-bushy tailed young Pacific students disembark onto Auckland to start their degrees.
All hopeful and diligent and and....slim.

They would have had the hard word from mama, papa, the faifeau and the whole aiga basket.

They would have been told to "Not be lured by the bright lights of Otara and the peer pressure from the palagi boys and keols"...they would have been ordered to pray everyday and think about God and he will be the answer...

...oka, I remember it like it was just yesterday!

And you know, deep down, that all those words will go from one ear and out the other as soon as you hop off the bus and into the thick of Orientation Week, and flat parties, and the bright lights of Otara!

....strange how e sui le tausaga ae le siua lava tifiga a le tupulaga aea...oi kafefe i sound like my Aunty Paka right about now!

okay,....that was just a bullshit post just for the sake of posting, I really dont have much to rant about....
well, I could rant about the beautiful weather
and the fresh bag of plums we got from the Revells in Cambridge. we love it so much that MM was shitting plums last night.
Long weekend coming up.
Wellington Sevens First weekend Feb
Our friends Kirsten and Malcolm gettin' engaged 13th Feb
Baby Shower for Sharon 14th Feb
Our cousin Ben and fiance Kirsty are getting married on the 20th Feb in Te Atatu.
Vetti's birthday as well.
MM moves to Kindy in May, she can't wait!!!!!
oh oh.....we're getting homestay student sooner than planned)-: but its all good...and its a Samoan for starters....so all our Japanese cooking plans are on hold...that would NOT go down well with moi peoples.

Anyway, pua update,....more flowers last week....

and even more this week......

now, im gonna make sure i get another one from Pasifika fest this year and see how long it takes to flower...whoever is going this year, theres youre challengee, buy a pua and make it flower!!!

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