Friday, January 15, 2010

It lifts their spirits too.

how beautiful - another bunch of New Zealanders paying it forward- God bless you!
Click on the link to see a snipnet of their job in Samoa after the tsunami.
In keeping with the positive energy of 2010, I am looking to the rebuilding efforts in kua and
  I feel my spirits lift,
  I see the resiliant fuefuesaiga greenery emerging from the salty earth to once again line the seashore.
  I hear the sounds of children singing and a ball bouncing off the derelict concrete.
  I smell hope in the fog of roasting umus smoke, and freshly cooked fish with coconut cream
  I tasted that too.
  It lifts my spirit once more.
  It lifts their spirits too,
  They who watch their children play
  They who see their mama pray
  They who see the shoreline teeming with life again
  They who left us too soon
   It lifts their spirits too.
   They will never be forgotten. They will always be with us. Among us. We have nowhere to go but forward. That's all we need to do.

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