Thursday, January 28, 2010

pe'a vao and uploading

once in a blue moon, i summon enough concentration to upload, label and reduce images from camera to laptop, and then just enough patience to load a few on FB, blogger, emailed to the fossils who don't FB, bebo, tweet or communicate and then go back and delete unwanted photos because we tend to take 50 photos in every bloody angle we cant think of.
Back in the day we used to own A camera that had 36 exposure and taking a photo was a planned and deliberate event.
well, even writing letters was a process of getting nice writing paper, spending time updating the person of life because they do not know about what has happened since the last letter or the last physical visit.
Then we used to put the letter in an envelope and take it to the post office, and guess what -there were once real women that took your letter and sold you a stamp!
And if youre lucky, they would tell you that you have a letter in the mail room!
Eh, those were the days.
But at least it gives me stories to tell me child....

which reminds me,....her bedtime story last night was about flying foxes (pe'a vao).
I told her there were lots of pea vao in Savaii, and then about how we found lots of em crawling around after the cycylones,  and how we used to find them in the mango trees next to dad's grave.
So then i tried to simply pollination to her aye...oka se went like this...

"you know, flying foxes like to eat mango, banana and especially papaya fruits....and when they do a kaka, they poo onto the ground while they are flying and their kaka turns into a tree!!!"

she looked an me so so fascinated and then something occured to me...she better not be thinking about pollinating our garden!

so i had to interjeect there and say that "ONLY PEA'S CAN DO THAT!"
Uma le fagogo, kaimi o le pulou le ie afu ma le povi.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kuluku post just for the sake of posting during my break haha

Its that time of the year, when fresh faced-bright-eyed-bushy tailed young Pacific students disembark onto Auckland to start their degrees.
All hopeful and diligent and and....slim.

They would have had the hard word from mama, papa, the faifeau and the whole aiga basket.

They would have been told to "Not be lured by the bright lights of Otara and the peer pressure from the palagi boys and keols"...they would have been ordered to pray everyday and think about God and he will be the answer...

...oka, I remember it like it was just yesterday!

And you know, deep down, that all those words will go from one ear and out the other as soon as you hop off the bus and into the thick of Orientation Week, and flat parties, and the bright lights of Otara!

....strange how e sui le tausaga ae le siua lava tifiga a le tupulaga aea...oi kafefe i sound like my Aunty Paka right about now!

okay,....that was just a bullshit post just for the sake of posting, I really dont have much to rant about....
well, I could rant about the beautiful weather
and the fresh bag of plums we got from the Revells in Cambridge. we love it so much that MM was shitting plums last night.
Long weekend coming up.
Wellington Sevens First weekend Feb
Our friends Kirsten and Malcolm gettin' engaged 13th Feb
Baby Shower for Sharon 14th Feb
Our cousin Ben and fiance Kirsty are getting married on the 20th Feb in Te Atatu.
Vetti's birthday as well.
MM moves to Kindy in May, she can't wait!!!!!
oh oh.....we're getting homestay student sooner than planned)-: but its all good...and its a Samoan for all our Japanese cooking plans are on hold...that would NOT go down well with moi peoples.

Anyway, pua update,....more flowers last week....

and even more this week......

now, im gonna make sure i get another one from Pasifika fest this year and see how long it takes to flower...whoever is going this year, theres youre challengee, buy a pua and make it flower!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Niue like you've never seen before...

I have found the most surreal, stunning, expressive and brilliant works of art in a Niue based artist.
I was exposed to his work through Mr Avaiki on facebook and I am loving it!

And I found some honest Images on Niue.

Anyhow, have a peek and you'll know what im rarahing on about...
check out the watery images makes you want to be in the water!

and this new painting has Vanessa in it....very eeriely serene, oka se nice!

Click on the link to real more about this one entitled: Approaching Cyan - oil on canvas. Mark Cross

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweet frangipani, heavenly flower......

We've been trying to keep this pulmeria/frangipani/pua alive for the last 3 years, and in the last 2 weeks it has flowered so I took photos while the first two started to open up...yeah, coz i'm strange like that huh...

There's heaps more new flowers to come....but these are the two that are making my room smell like I'm back at the coolness of the cemeteries picking puas for tausala a tina...

Friday, January 15, 2010

It lifts their spirits too.

how beautiful - another bunch of New Zealanders paying it forward- God bless you!
Click on the link to see a snipnet of their job in Samoa after the tsunami.
In keeping with the positive energy of 2010, I am looking to the rebuilding efforts in kua and
  I feel my spirits lift,
  I see the resiliant fuefuesaiga greenery emerging from the salty earth to once again line the seashore.
  I hear the sounds of children singing and a ball bouncing off the derelict concrete.
  I smell hope in the fog of roasting umus smoke, and freshly cooked fish with coconut cream
  I tasted that too.
  It lifts my spirit once more.
  It lifts their spirits too,
  They who watch their children play
  They who see their mama pray
  They who see the shoreline teeming with life again
  They who left us too soon
   It lifts their spirits too.
   They will never be forgotten. They will always be with us. Among us. We have nowhere to go but forward. That's all we need to do.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010, its the year that can, and could, because i feel it in my joints!

2010 has a ring of positive aire about it.
That can't be hard though, 2009 was a huge huge low, so 2010 doesn't even have to show up and it'll still be better!
So much can be achieved - (as soon as i bugger off this bloody blog and do some work).
...and frankly, I am not one for resolutions.
However, it is a booster, Ive had 2 weeks off where I can put an end to 2009 and re...

okay, enough bullshit,. gotta get to work ....sorry

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Israel to the rescue!!!

I had my first real exercise session today and I am in PAIN! ...but,....i will continue, coz

Israel has even abandoned the Palestinian crisis to help focus on shrinking our bananas!!!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas 2009

I have been very busy with life lately, thus why I have not updated my blog.But then I realised pictures tell a bigger fagogo than I can ever narrate, we go!
Here's favourite image of the month, MM winking at the camera when I placed a auke on her hair. Funny.

then there was the food...

Lots of great food that all went to my hips, tummy and thighs....thanks to my fat-storing-for-long voyages-Samoan genes.

Lots of children and gifts, broken toys, screaming tantrums, constipated bubbas, tired parents, happy sugar-fueled toddlers, beach walks, park visits and childhood memories.

More food and drunk parents, aye Lealali!

MM showing off her $2.00 shop taonga

Tauilagi n Moelagi getting pe'a from Granma

and more food....