Sunday, December 13, 2009

You can lose weight in Samoa ....serious!

Look at this Samoa Observer story of inspiration.
Michelle Mcdonald has lost weight, and she looks so so so gorgeous in her new look.
I sure hope all the vivacious naturally beautiful women of Samunda will take heed and be inspired.
As I usually do, I shall illegal copy and paste the images from the article to tell my fagogo:

This is Michelle's after photo in Nina's article....somehow, I can't copy the before photo, but you can view it on the article.
Anyhow, the point is, IT IS POSSIBLE. YOU CAN DO IT.
And may this be a message and a challenge on a Sunday afternoon inbetween your 6 course toonai snack at 11am.

It is possible - just include exercise into our lifestyles.
And have more meals throughout the day rather than wolfing down Pinatis at midday and the kaleve mamoe with ulu kao at 8:30pm.

eh, its so easy preaching about it but its such a very foreign thing to actually follow.
Its so much cheaper to eat rubbish and its such an expense to eat healthy. i have tried to eat healthy on numerous occasions in Apia but it is so hard.
For example, I decided to get some fruits, $5.00 for a measly kai fa'i at the market. $6.00 for a bag of malnourished tomatoes....BUT, its only $4.50 for a yummy spicy kaleve and rice at Pinati.
Wholemeal breads are out of the question. Your panties will drop at the price of these in the supermarkets.

But on the plus side, fish is cheaper, at the fish market or even at Farmer Joes - sashimi - yummy ---with Vailima, yum yum drunk yum!
Tuna cans are cheaper - but then again, I like my tuna in lololo oil)-:

Whenever I order salads, theyre drowned in dressing and more calories.


We need a 'culture of wellbeing' in order for this to truly happen. We need to have more activities that make exercising and healthy eating normal and okay. We need to feel that it is okay to exercise, it is okay to admit that we are grossly obese. We need see the problems associated with obesity as it is: problems.
But more importantly, we need a 'culture of wellbeing' - more sports activities, more avenues for women to exercise, subsidies on healthy food, lots of encouragement and ...umm and, world peace.



kuaback said...

hi, my name is siegi, and I'm obese.chooohoo..

this faagogo speaks of what I've been thinking of lately. but the ban on chocolate and pisupo?? hhmmm..I;m not ready to give those up, (just YET).lol
magaia a pe'aga iai se time machine to fastforward to the after results a

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I will have another go at trying to lose that fat come January 1, 2010. I know it sounds so typical as a New Years resolution, but I am determined. i do it for a good cause and because my husband loves me unconditionally and he is too hott to deserve otherwise, lol.
That is NOT a joke, here's my link to prove it:

No problem finding pisupo thanks to the Asian markets up north here (stupid Ms.Park, lol). Even got the hubby hooked, but the man never gains weight and works out daily. So I will try to be like a palagi and throw up after I eat or implement exercise and proper diet, dang!

I wish any struggling to lose weight Samoan well. Please cheer me on in my struggle = )


Goddess of Savaii said...

ladies, ladies, don't be hard on yourselves! have a wine and relax heheh...start afresh in Jan aea hehe manuia le kelisimasi ma le tausaga fou

Everly Scene said...

This fagogo was sorta entertained except the fact that I cannot accept this as true without the evidence, ie the before picture. Nonetheless, this was sorta inspiring because the Samoan (Polynesian) women in general are obese and I think the culture itself is sorta responsible for celebrating and embracing obesity. I am Samoan, 20lbs away from being 200lbs and I am afraid of conforming to the level of body "norm" that Samoan, or should I say Polynesian women eventually get to. Best wishes to anyone who's willing to lose weight and be healthy. Lose the weight for you, not for anyone else. Be happy.