Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tis the season to be disorderly

The silly season has definitely kick started - parties to attend, dresses to wear, babysitters to arrange, bikini waxes to be had, credit cards to be maxed, families to see, families to not see,...ah, so much to think about.

Feels like everyone comes out of hibernation to mix and mingle at the end of the year.

Lani was with us for a few days, loved having her home...we never run out of things to talk and retalk about, and I get the physio treatment and my back aligned while we talk...wooohooooo!

Also - she helped MM put up the Christmas tree and decorate to appear some time this century...

luv luv luv it.

Saturday was also Natalie's hens and we booked a unit in TRG -9 silly people in fairy wings and a very joyous bride running around demanding condoms and all kinds of weird antics...

and a bad bad hangover...It sucks being hungover with a 2 year old!

..this week, we have MM's daycare Christmas Party and my work's Christmas party for families on Thursday.
Tomorrow is my work's  'planning day'....we can't say 'party' anymore because we are going through a recession and a restructuring....whatever! call it whatever it'll be the same outcome. haha

...what else, Mom is coming for Xmas, Omani delegation arrive tomorrow, Lani's bday on the 19th,...oka.

Happy holidays people!
Don't drink and drive.


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