Sunday, December 06, 2009

Samoa Observer fun reads this week

Prostitution in Samoa is a hot topic on Samoa Observer this week....not sure what the kerfuffle is all about.
Its not as if its a new thing....isn't it the oldest profession? Isn't Maria Magdelene a revered sex worker?
And its not as if most some Samoan men at all levels of our community are having dinner at home.
No, that would be downright naive to presume.
Most Many Samoan men are definitely getting serviced elsewhere and there are many many open garages around town and everywhere., some are free, some charge a small fee, some offer discounts, some even offer warrants of fitness for extended periods of time.
Last time I was out, a Samoan woman who is married to a very well known personality who features in the paper and on TV a lot was out with her friends, she was no longer with him.
He found himself a young garage to service his needs. Pity his preference is pretty low because the new garage...looks strikingly like a garage.
Anyhow, she must be doing something right for him because despite his advanced age, he's been wearing a permanent grin on his face and a sizable gold chain round his neck...sheeze, whats with midlife crisis men and thick gold chains???? it makes them even more cheesysleazy!
Show me a faithful man with a gold thick chain and I say "You man whore you!"...and even if he sues me for the accusation, I will still insist.

I think the Government should legalise prostitution in Samoa, but then again, that would mean they will have to pay market rates for their monthly servicing.
Pity really.

....its hard to address this issue in Samoa because it says in the bible that you don't be a shitstirrer because it might happen to you and yours (Mathew 7:1), (sorry, my Bible is the Reader's Digest version).

If you think about it, its such a sticky (ew!) issue, want to be serviced, and they pay well. Poor women want the money and they can't find jobs. Some don't have the education, so this is all they know.

I know a freaky sad story about a woman named Ange* who was a bit of a village bicycle and was not discreet about it. She used to service most of the Lalomalava rugby team, and possibly the rest of the Faasaleleaga district. She had a child or more in the Matautu area and then moved to our village.
She had a child here too, and then expanded her business to Piula and the atu Atua.
Anyhow, she sort of dissapeared for a few years and then my CNN relative found her again, back in Apia, paler and skinnier and with a few nuts and bolts missing up there, she's sorta lost the plot.
Turns out, she went international with her services and set up shop in the notorious red light port of Pago Pago, American Samoa.
The Americana dollar was giving her huge returns for her meagre services.
One day...(this is where you say "Aue!" in order for me to continue),....she met a group of fishermen who had come off a fishing vessel there, she did not remember much more, except, she woke up every now and then, and realised she was on a large ship, she was locked in a small room, and she had been drugged thing was, some authorities found her on the ship and she was taken to Los Angeles and detained as an illegal alien.
When she was questioned, she was completely confused, drugged and lost.
Apparently, two women have died on the ship.
She survived but is screwed for life.
She was deported back to Samoa and I sorta feel sorry for this woman, because this is all she knows, her body is all she knows to give, and give, and give.
She is only one in so so so so many Samoan women using their bodies to make a living.
Ange's story made me so so so sad.'re thinking "Was the American dollar worth it in the end?"
How can this be? How can it go so so so wrong? How many Ange's are out there working through prostitution just to make ends meet?

Whatever the talk is from politicians and Police and rararara, this problem will persist, because as far as men in power are concerned, "Whats the problem?"






Xavier said...

Oh the humanity! And how about KVasa and his Editorial on the foibles of men and a world without condoms. Hilarious!

Oh Samoana my darling, pull down your skirt your naughties are starting to show.

Omega ; Alex said...

What is really sad is having these accused women's pictures on the front page of the Observer. What happened to innocence until proven guilty? And yet other criminals aren't featured on the front page. Turn the page and there a story about the Minister of Education who crashed two rental cars in a row being charged! Why haven't they charged the men that pay for services from these women. These women are in business because there's obviously people out there that keep them in business. I won't be surprised if some police are some of these women's customers?