Friday, December 11, 2009

Kaisi le pulekasi a Peleka

I'm a little peeved by what the NZ High Commissioner is wearing. Doesn't she have advisers or maybe her colleagues telling her what to wear? Gawd, if she was my boss, I'll pull her aside and say 'Hun, please don't wear that colour, you end up blending into the wall, and you'll simply get lost among the siapo designs'.
This colour choice does not do her any favours in her skin tone. She would have looked great in a red puletasi. But if that's too much, she couldn't have gone wrong with black. Or blue. Tsk, tsk, get it right Honorable Commisioner.

The Australian High Commissioner definitely got the memo about the 'wear the right colour' attire. I bet his wife stops him at the door and orders him to don the right 'bright' colour.
It's something to look forward to ...will he wear the marroon elei today?

Or the limey mosooi green ?

He has been favouring the red one lately.,

**All photos copied illegally from Samoa Observer. Sorry and Thank You for the rental.


Xavier Dimante said...

Pei lava o le Komisiga e tau so'o i le ao o le malo. 'Photo opportunity anytime'. Aue ta misia behind the scene Mana from above.

bonita said...

lol! I love it!!!!... you're hilarious! I'm so sad that I just found your blog today...I missed out on so many posts:)! Love love love the way you write!