Friday, December 25, 2009

Manuia le Kerisimasi ma le Tausaga Fou

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.
I hope that 2010 brings hope, contentment and satisfaction to you, but happiness and achievement would be a bonus a ea.

As for me and mine, we're in Wellington with my Mom, sister MJ & hubby and the great Hilbron family. We had too much to eat yesterday and much more to drink.

The kids got presents to last them 2 whole hours and the adults got more champagne than they could handle.
Seki a.
We're missing Aunty CJ who is in Austria at the moment. She's skyping with the rest of the aiga basket.
LJ went back to Sachicken two days before Xmas to be with her fantastic four.
SJ in AKL with Lina n kids. Chris, Rocky n family in Savaii with the Tiatias.
Neil in Massey wt the other Tiatias(Lokeni).
...We have 2 more days till we fly back to go camping for a few days and more bubbles and food than we should have...
oh the joys of the holidays....

alofa atu ma evaeva malie,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Send Money Pacific

It's that time of the year again, for all you coconuts living abroad in Niu Sila village and the itumalo of Ausetalia, and you suddenly get a phone call that your sixth removed first cousin's dad's Uncle Pakalu has died.
Or your aunty's brothers wife Aunty Kuluku is getting married
Or Pastor Alaga is celebrating the new church hall
And the Womens committee is blessing their new uniform
Or the choir is having a special day
 And your extended family are giving titles to your relatives from Sagone,

and YOU have been elaborately and gratefully thought of, as a valued member of your esteemed family.
YOU are special, YOU will bring pride and joy and happiness to our family.
And like Konai Helu Thaman laments
"YOU, will bring them fame and western style education
With your second hand car...
YOU, the choice of my parents
I have no other choice"
oka oka e.....
anyway, the bottom line is,

Before you send that gift of LOVE home, have a look on this sendmoneypacific website to compare rates and make sure youre not being robbed by Western Union and the like.
Don't forget that the rate you see on the wall is NOT including the hidden transfer rate and then the highway robbery that comes with it.
Just because they only charge $12.00 for sending doesn't mean thats all it costs. Not a chance.
Good luck and may the tree outside your house bear $100 bills in the new year.
Soifua ma ia manuia le Kerisimasi ma mea ua o le'a tutupu etc etc.

Here's another beautiful book gift idea while we're at it, Konai Helu Thaman's You the choice of my parents.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Good on Coconuts Beach Resort and Aggies for getting on with the programme

Hows this for a GREAT holiday deal,

Samoa 5 nights from $1,015* pp
Return economy class airfares from Auckland to Samoa with Air New Zealand.
5 nights accommodation at the Aggie Grey's Lagoon Resort and Spa in Samoa in a Deluxe Oceanview Room
Return airport transfers
Full buffet breakfast daily
Plus: 2 FOR 1 SPA BONUS - book a spa treatment of your choice at Manaia Polynesian Spa and receive a second treatment of equal or lesser value for Free
Aggies have great fiafia nights and great atmosphere. and cocktails by the pool.

Similar DEAL FOR COCONUTS Beach Resort with return flights with DJ, accom, meals, transfers, use of non morotised facilities.
 Coconuts chef makes the yummiest oka on earth.

Think about it....this is the only time we'll ever see stupid crazy cheap deals like these with these properties.
Travel: Valid for travel 19 Nov 2009-31 Mar 2010, or see your travel agent for details...actually, book online, its cheaper (:

GOOD ON Coconuts and Aggies for getting on with the show and coming up with these great great deals. In fact, as I type this, 3 people have called about booking with Coconuts and they already can't get the dates they prefer due to huge interest....I LOVE IT!!!! image of paradise and kiwiana on your wall...

I just stumbled across Daniela's gorgeous artwork, LOVE IT!!! Have a breeze through her work and, wouldn't these pieces make priceless christmas pressies!! I've illegally copied over some of the ones I LURVE so you can see what i'm rambling on about, but theres loads more on her website.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You can lose weight in Samoa ....serious!

Look at this Samoa Observer story of inspiration.
Michelle Mcdonald has lost weight, and she looks so so so gorgeous in her new look.
I sure hope all the vivacious naturally beautiful women of Samunda will take heed and be inspired.
As I usually do, I shall illegal copy and paste the images from the article to tell my fagogo:

This is Michelle's after photo in Nina's article....somehow, I can't copy the before photo, but you can view it on the article.
Anyhow, the point is, IT IS POSSIBLE. YOU CAN DO IT.
And may this be a message and a challenge on a Sunday afternoon inbetween your 6 course toonai snack at 11am.

It is possible - just include exercise into our lifestyles.
And have more meals throughout the day rather than wolfing down Pinatis at midday and the kaleve mamoe with ulu kao at 8:30pm.

eh, its so easy preaching about it but its such a very foreign thing to actually follow.
Its so much cheaper to eat rubbish and its such an expense to eat healthy. i have tried to eat healthy on numerous occasions in Apia but it is so hard.
For example, I decided to get some fruits, $5.00 for a measly kai fa'i at the market. $6.00 for a bag of malnourished tomatoes....BUT, its only $4.50 for a yummy spicy kaleve and rice at Pinati.
Wholemeal breads are out of the question. Your panties will drop at the price of these in the supermarkets.

But on the plus side, fish is cheaper, at the fish market or even at Farmer Joes - sashimi - yummy ---with Vailima, yum yum drunk yum!
Tuna cans are cheaper - but then again, I like my tuna in lololo oil)-:

Whenever I order salads, theyre drowned in dressing and more calories.


We need a 'culture of wellbeing' in order for this to truly happen. We need to have more activities that make exercising and healthy eating normal and okay. We need to feel that it is okay to exercise, it is okay to admit that we are grossly obese. We need see the problems associated with obesity as it is: problems.
But more importantly, we need a 'culture of wellbeing' - more sports activities, more avenues for women to exercise, subsidies on healthy food, lots of encouragement and ...umm and, world peace.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Kaisi le pulekasi a Peleka

I'm a little peeved by what the NZ High Commissioner is wearing. Doesn't she have advisers or maybe her colleagues telling her what to wear? Gawd, if she was my boss, I'll pull her aside and say 'Hun, please don't wear that colour, you end up blending into the wall, and you'll simply get lost among the siapo designs'.
This colour choice does not do her any favours in her skin tone. She would have looked great in a red puletasi. But if that's too much, she couldn't have gone wrong with black. Or blue. Tsk, tsk, get it right Honorable Commisioner.

The Australian High Commissioner definitely got the memo about the 'wear the right colour' attire. I bet his wife stops him at the door and orders him to don the right 'bright' colour.
It's something to look forward to ...will he wear the marroon elei today?

Or the limey mosooi green ?

He has been favouring the red one lately.,

**All photos copied illegally from Samoa Observer. Sorry and Thank You for the rental.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Samoa Observer fun reads this week

Prostitution in Samoa is a hot topic on Samoa Observer this week....not sure what the kerfuffle is all about.
Its not as if its a new thing....isn't it the oldest profession? Isn't Maria Magdelene a revered sex worker?
And its not as if most some Samoan men at all levels of our community are having dinner at home.
No, that would be downright naive to presume.
Most Many Samoan men are definitely getting serviced elsewhere and there are many many open garages around town and everywhere., some are free, some charge a small fee, some offer discounts, some even offer warrants of fitness for extended periods of time.
Last time I was out, a Samoan woman who is married to a very well known personality who features in the paper and on TV a lot was out with her friends, she was no longer with him.
He found himself a young garage to service his needs. Pity his preference is pretty low because the new garage...looks strikingly like a garage.
Anyhow, she must be doing something right for him because despite his advanced age, he's been wearing a permanent grin on his face and a sizable gold chain round his neck...sheeze, whats with midlife crisis men and thick gold chains???? it makes them even more cheesysleazy!
Show me a faithful man with a gold thick chain and I say "You man whore you!"...and even if he sues me for the accusation, I will still insist.

I think the Government should legalise prostitution in Samoa, but then again, that would mean they will have to pay market rates for their monthly servicing.
Pity really.

....its hard to address this issue in Samoa because it says in the bible that you don't be a shitstirrer because it might happen to you and yours (Mathew 7:1), (sorry, my Bible is the Reader's Digest version).

If you think about it, its such a sticky (ew!) issue, want to be serviced, and they pay well. Poor women want the money and they can't find jobs. Some don't have the education, so this is all they know.

I know a freaky sad story about a woman named Ange* who was a bit of a village bicycle and was not discreet about it. She used to service most of the Lalomalava rugby team, and possibly the rest of the Faasaleleaga district. She had a child or more in the Matautu area and then moved to our village.
She had a child here too, and then expanded her business to Piula and the atu Atua.
Anyhow, she sort of dissapeared for a few years and then my CNN relative found her again, back in Apia, paler and skinnier and with a few nuts and bolts missing up there, she's sorta lost the plot.
Turns out, she went international with her services and set up shop in the notorious red light port of Pago Pago, American Samoa.
The Americana dollar was giving her huge returns for her meagre services.
One day...(this is where you say "Aue!" in order for me to continue),....she met a group of fishermen who had come off a fishing vessel there, she did not remember much more, except, she woke up every now and then, and realised she was on a large ship, she was locked in a small room, and she had been drugged thing was, some authorities found her on the ship and she was taken to Los Angeles and detained as an illegal alien.
When she was questioned, she was completely confused, drugged and lost.
Apparently, two women have died on the ship.
She survived but is screwed for life.
She was deported back to Samoa and I sorta feel sorry for this woman, because this is all she knows, her body is all she knows to give, and give, and give.
She is only one in so so so so many Samoan women using their bodies to make a living.
Ange's story made me so so so sad.'re thinking "Was the American dollar worth it in the end?"
How can this be? How can it go so so so wrong? How many Ange's are out there working through prostitution just to make ends meet?

Whatever the talk is from politicians and Police and rararara, this problem will persist, because as far as men in power are concerned, "Whats the problem?"





Tis the season to be disorderly

The silly season has definitely kick started - parties to attend, dresses to wear, babysitters to arrange, bikini waxes to be had, credit cards to be maxed, families to see, families to not see,...ah, so much to think about.

Feels like everyone comes out of hibernation to mix and mingle at the end of the year.

Lani was with us for a few days, loved having her home...we never run out of things to talk and retalk about, and I get the physio treatment and my back aligned while we talk...wooohooooo!

Also - she helped MM put up the Christmas tree and decorate to appear some time this century...

luv luv luv it.

Saturday was also Natalie's hens and we booked a unit in TRG -9 silly people in fairy wings and a very joyous bride running around demanding condoms and all kinds of weird antics...

and a bad bad hangover...It sucks being hungover with a 2 year old!

..this week, we have MM's daycare Christmas Party and my work's Christmas party for families on Thursday.
Tomorrow is my work's  'planning day'....we can't say 'party' anymore because we are going through a recession and a restructuring....whatever! call it whatever it'll be the same outcome. haha

...what else, Mom is coming for Xmas, Omani delegation arrive tomorrow, Lani's bday on the 19th,...oka.

Happy holidays people!
Don't drink and drive.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bon voyage Oxford fellow...ship of the ring(:

O ou mama na ...will send some pisupo(:NOT!
and don't worry, I've told William hun to look after you when youre there!