Monday, November 16, 2009

To the very beautiful girl

To the very beautiful girl who has be blessed unexpectedly, much to the outrage of some short-sighted people.
I hope that you know that you are so very special to so many,
and they are the very people that matter to you and yours, so stop
and smile (:
They matter even more when the dust has settled and the au faikakalas coconut wireless have found another young soul to bark at

If everything seem so overwhelming and against you now,
just think, ...there will be a political fallout tomorrow, a car accident next week and another ribbon cutting ceremony that will dominate the headlines.
Meanwhile life goes on and you are needed so so so much in this world.

Look on the bright side, you came forward with your situation.
Who knows how many others would have 'dealt' with the problem differently?
Focus on what is important in life right now, the rest of the rifraf can pacrack on, like one great man once said "kukuu ai pea le vale e fasa fasa a make" transliterated "live and let live(-:"

Stay positive and strong and hopeful. That is my prayer. (when I come round to saying a prayer this month)
Amene ma alleluia.

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