Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank Jah for FijiLive

Ive been following the Miss South Pacific Pageant through Fijilive and I am so very impressed with the daily photo updates, am loving it!
Its gonna be tough this year with most of the girls being so so so GORGEOUS!!!
If the Judges are palagish, Miss Tahiti would win, she is Miss World material....which may not be in her favour if there are ancient traditionalists at the judging table.
Either way, I am impressed with the calibre of Tongan winners in recent years, theyre really tapping into their export market for stunners...and its paying off.

Pity our home bred Jacinda couldn't make it cos she would have been brilliant, though I must commend Miss Pomele for her charisma and personality.
I do like the pics of the girls having tea with the military leader, it shows such a lovely and Pacific man revelling in the midst  of island keols.
My second winning option is Miss Fiji, she looks very elegant and has that teine matua air about her, so she can carry the crown with dignity. Oka! fisi i kua le pale o Queen Elisapeta.
Miss Cook Islands is pretty, but lost in a blender sort of way, which is shocking for the Atu Kukis. They are usually on the ball with their girls but this year seems a bit lacking. Maybe they've changed the chaperones or changed the designer or something....whatever it is, she just isn't shinning through.
Well done to Tuvalu and Kiribati for showing up, they improve each year, so give it a few more years and they will win. What they need to work on now is trying to establish a distinct 'image' so they are not mixed up as one and the same.
Of the two Samoas, I am in admiration of the American's step towards truly traditional materials as opposed to our Samoas obsession with creative big bridal dresses and use of cook island material.
Miss Aotearoa New Zealand is always an oddity in this event, depsite being the biggest country, the actual owner of the Miss Aotearoa NZ name is a smallish group who really don't do a great job....and this shows in the girl wearing tights at the first day of the Pageant...shock horror for a Pacific event.....where are all the great Maori designers who would have loved to lend a dress...sheeze, I would have lent her my work skirt if she asked!
Miss Niue, another one whose blending in, and her traditional ofus are tragic!
I am a little concerned at the excessive use of Thinlizzie and foundations on the brown complexion. Miss Tonga almost looks like a giesha at a Tokyo railway with her caked up face...yet she looks browningly stunning without it. Miss Samoa seems more used to her application because its not as glaring.
All in all, Fiji is doing a brilliant job hosting, and Samoa and other nations must watch and learn from the best. Also, they have used the 5 days to hold the pageant, so a different event daily...better than a 6 hours sit-down in Apia.

Sonja Hunter's influence is also another reason for this huge renewed interest in the Pageant, she has managed to round up more support and more girls from other islands....and it helps that her former FIJI Visitors Bureau mate now sits at Bainimarama's roundtable, Bernadette Ganilau Rounds, now the Minister of Tourism and various other posts.
Sonja would have also gotten Am Samoa on her side, since David Vaeafe, the boss of AmSa Tourism is a former STA Marketing Manager(NZ) yeah, things are truly looking up for Pacific in terms of Pageantry and the sort. The next step now should be an overhaul of the whole concept to make it more relevant to the Pacific today....ohh, ohh and world peace!!!



Omega ; Alex said...

bahaha will you look at that. Miss Fiji won the Miss SP...They finally caught on that if held in one's own country one must make their own win...heh heh THis must be the first Miss Fiji to win in recent future! Awesome. She's beautiful too:)

That Keo Nets said...

I love all of the photos of Miss Fiji, there is just something "there" for her this year, sets her a part somehow for me. Also cringed at the application of all that Makeup (foundation and eyeliner) they look so pasty in some of the photos and as your eyes travel down to their necks it's disconcerting seeing the natural colour lol Gotta say they seem to be improving a lot and the whole event over 5 days? awesome, garner up interest and also a way for the girls to relax, get to know each other and there's time to showcase their personalities and for people to see them more than just a one night wonder!