Saturday, November 14, 2009

For you Terry, I will remove/change this, but it doesn't change my views (:

wow, there are actually more than 17 people reading my fagogos!
At the retort of the Editor of the Savali newsletter, I have changed, (NOT REMOVED) this post.
...which is on MY BLOG, by me, for me, about whatever comes to mind, fank you very big-if-you-dont-like-it-put-a-lid-on-it-cheers-Beyonce(-:

Sorry to your familia who are affected by this blog, please know that I am only saying what I believe is true, same reason why what you write is true.
As nature has it, our truths just fekoai like a right hand driven by Koomaka.
I'd have thought you'd be used to the woes of public scrutiny by now,
This is my avenue to discuss MY issues in my obscure corner of cyberville, at no time have I begged you to venture only came here because you googled your name.
In any case, you got your wish, I have obliged and removed any sensitive comments that may hurt your finagalo.
Sorry for my wrong fai mai ia le isi kamaloa mai Pakamea
....moving on, just read the article and have an open mind about the writer's positioning..... awww, it sucks having the watch what I say when prying eyes are gawking this way, Auoka !
Look at his article about the state of media in Samunda
Every time the Government 'mentions' radical ideals, it is not to loosely chit chat about it, instead, it already has set in motion a plan to make that ideal a reality, irrespective of the outrage from the public.
Clearly, they have done this first phase well...mention a media council, isolate the actual 'media', victimise key parties and then gather the (BIG DELETE) of government to agree to a council headed by:
CEO of Samoa Media Council or to borrow from the revered Editor's plan: Samoa Broadcasting Standards would be his good self
President: President of the defunct JAWS.
ACEO: who else is in Savali?
This will be the death of freedom of speech as we know it.
ANyhow, I just can't get myself to believe two words this Editor says because I used to like reading about his views of corruption and govt and then chch$$$ing, he cooperates like a good (deleted deleted) for the PM. Delete Delete
I have copied thee good Editor's comment here:
Paramount in all this is that we come up with an (media council)institution that best caters to the welfare of our profession, our industry and most important of all, to those we serve", that's exactly where the problem is, you serve the PM.
End of Story.

Why is it important to focus my discussions on personalities rather than issues? Because issues are not objective as is, issues come out of personalities who conjure up the issues and in this case, the issues affect 171,000 people of the supposed free world.
I leave you with this,. "At what point did one's conscience take a back seat and let propaganda take precedence?"

DISCLAIMER: Please note that these are my views and mine alone, and do not reflect nor get support of any of my relations, colleagues, neighbours and pets

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