Sunday, November 08, 2009

My beautiful Mama has pissed off the Prime Minister of Samoa,...chooohooo

For a man who is known for his cool and arrogant composure, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi Taepumaosi has definitely ripped his undies over the SUNGO issue.
He wrote a rather angry letter accusing mother dearest and the Ceo of SUNGO for being fiapots and several other accusations. Rather than delve over the details of the letter (there's 2 more angrier ones that didn't leak to the media), which is front page of Samoa Observer, I am just smiling because she's done something that not even the opposition and Tautua could do.
Piss off Tuilaepa, revealing that at the end of the day, he is just a very normal human being with high blood pressure, diabetes, an enlarged ego and very upset relations (one in particular:)
I am laughing about this because I know the truth.
We know the truth,.
Samoa Observer might soon know the truth, if they simply locate the culprit hehe
Tuilaepa knows the truth about his 'in' crowd who are in the SHIT because of dodgy dealings, and he knows that SUNGO leadership will not sit back and condone theft, corruption and's your lesson on transparency served in a afi, chooohoooo! ...and i laugh at his indignant disgust over SUNGO speaking the truth after all, " I gave you a house to use and that doesn't silence you?"

Tuilaepa needs to stop listening to some cry baby relation who got caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar...thus why the donors are wanting accountability and transparency.
He needs to stop and ask,
"whose done the dirty now? and how can I dig myself out of this hole? and perhaps I should butt out of the apolitical work of Non governmental organisations, even if they are the thorn on my side, with their stubborness in opposing the road switch, the land bill that goes against all that we are as Samoans, and the fact that donors prefer to deal direct with NGO because my gang of hoodlums are crooks? awww, I suck!"
E sao ai le tala foi lele, mu loa le lima kapa i le iofi,...problem is, the iofi is just as destructive
Tuilaepa my chubby friend, next time you attack my revered mother publicly, you are simply showing your va'ava'eness and your ignorance.
She does not need to be glorified by you (who are you, muli pu) or by anyone, she is a humble hard working and honest woman who has served her country and her island without asking for money, and without getting fat from taxpayer's sweat and blood.
She is never one to act like an idiot in the face of controversy, thus why she will not reply to your ignorance, but rather, let the donors and the culprit reveal the shameful truth. But oi! the truth will shake the powers that be, noooo, we can't have that
I must confess that I have disquietly supported Tuilaepa through his failings, even defended his crass actions, but this is the last straw.
He is as good as a kae pua'a in my view.
Soifua ma ia manuia outou matua ae ola matou le fanau soifu


leilani said...

Ithink it would also be wise to add that mama dearest has her pics in art gallery's, museums around teh worls and does need this to "glorify" herself as others have done it for

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