Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ironic, huh

Miss South Pacific, the brainchild of Samoa Tourism (Bureau) is being held in Fiji next week.
This is despite the political fallout between Fiji and the rest of the supposedly democratic Pacific.
I just find so many amusing ironies in all this fickle relationship,...just imagine, Tuilaepa have been insulting Bainimarama all year, I bet if he sets foot on Fiji soil, he will be arrested (here's hoping)( I am hoping Tuilaepa goes!!!
And then, remember there is a media ban at the moment, so what happens when the best contestant wins the pageant but criticises the government?
she loses her crown? they pick another winner?
As for the voting system I bet everyone is voting for their favourite girl without knowing that this is just a joke, Bainimarama is gonna stop the show 2 minutes before announcement and "abrogates" the competition...
...and speaking of contestants, the former Miss Samoa's picture is still listed, so maybe they din't get the memo about the resignation.
All the best to the tauvaga teine, may the best keol win, and please Fiji Military, can you please please arrest our Government representative when they arrive?

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