Saturday, November 28, 2009

The installation ceremony and the political agenda, by M. Tuimaleali'ifano

i'o lelei!

His account of title bestowment is so crassly true and sad, and I highly recommed that every Samoan or palagi who has been offered a chiefly title read this before accepting.
There is something painfully 'ugly' about the greed of a samoan matai that this author has perfectly presented....and this is widespead in Samoa.
There are good matais, hard working ones (serious!), but for many - they are simply living for the next faalavelave to siphon the wealth, livelihood and happiness out of the suffering.
...many turn up to the funerals to get their pusa apa
...many will call their relations abroad for money at the drop of a mat(:
...many will go looking for the next faalavelave to usu to, and sing the praises of the family in return for chching.
...gawd, Ive seen the salelesi at work in Apia, I was disgusted, I wanted to shoot them! I am glad this is forbidden in Savaii. These are those rookie kulukus chiefs who 'show up' to faalavelaves shamelessly to demand money and goods.

There is also a reference in this article to the rainforest preservation convenant signed between Salelologa and the Swedish Foundation: Well., I hope that these Salelologa matai NEVER get their demands from the Government because they have been so so greedy with $$$. Serves them right for being greedy.

Its all about the monero ...tsk tsk...


Nikia, May and the kids said...

wow, i'm glad you are brave enough to say that on your blog. i wholeheartedly agree with you. yayy, brave lady, you just won a fan. i usually am controversial to palagis because i got that "tell it like it is" samoan gene, but now i'm stuck in minnesnowda. where the cold kinda puts out the fire = )


That Keo Nets said...

darls, where can I read this article faamolemole?

Goddess of Savaii said...

sorry Nets - i actually left the link at the title...silly me!

Thanks May - another coconut in cybervillage hehe, cheers for the visit...yeah, dont know about brave enough, more like....over it with the kulukus hehe..manuia le aso suga