Saturday, November 14, 2009

Apparently, ranting about the Government of Samoa is no longer permitted

and I thought to myself.....what a load of .....
theyre really sensitive at the moment about any criticism, ouch

..... .... and that is exactly what is wrong!


kuaback said...

i say you kip spiken yoa moynd child..
they can twist their g-strangles all they want..o ai e kea..isaaaaaaaaaa..

Goddess of Savaii said...

u mean their g-tarpaulins???

so malo kuaback...i was just watching the umu at lefaga on your page...yummmmm!! seki a jaymar lefa'ng'a (:

That Keo Nets said...

Ahhh...did the liddle editor get his feelings hurt? and the rest of the corrupt government too? kalofae, well here's a wee violin being played softly to the tune of "who the F*** cares"

What I LOVE about your posts is that they are refreshing, uniquely presented and I get as much a laugh out of your posts as I do indignation at the latest government shenanigans. As I read the link to his article on the state of the Media in Samoa and after read the comments, a picture slowly appeared in my head, one of an extremely gigantic tarpaulin covered arse with humpty dumpty humping oi kissing it and dear Lawd was it nawt pretty *gag* lol