Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Animal Farm

Some time last week, I couldn't get MM to sleep. And it was 11pm on a week night.
I read her 3 books, but she was hyper and bouncing all over
5 more books and I was beginning to skip pages and make things up But she was still buzzing
So I yelled at her, sent her to her bed, switched off the light. Shut the door. "Bwaaaaahhhhh, Daddyyy, Papa....Mommy hurt me....bwahhhhh"
Frenchy comes running and when I told him she was making things up she really turned on the waterworks AND the amplified cries.
Her sobs were like "you abusive woman you, you turned my father against me!"
Anyhow, she won this battle, MM=1 Momma = 0
I took her to the guest room (her Aunty's room, she calls it) and told her if she went to sleep, we will go to the Farm the following week. She quietly but happily gathered her blanket, walked to her room, and asked me to 'get out of my room please"
...Why didn't I think of this at 8pm?
ANyhow, that promise has been getting her to sleep early every night..."we will see the horses and the cows in the morning".

I took the day off today and went with her to daycare.
All 15 of her 2 year old mates were all ready with hats, sunblock and tons of excitement to get to the farm.
The highlight of course was the Bus ride, not the farm.
Funny how 2 year old's operate...one shrieks with excitement and 14 others follow suit.
One cries and the rest force tears too.
The first part of the visit was a trailer ride - MM loved it, she hopped on the second trip without me....there I was waiting excitedly for her and she completely ignored me. little miopi!
The farmer took us to see and feed the ducks - kids loved this...MM was over the moon about feeding the ducks, chickens and goats straight out of her bare wee hands!!!
She also helped throw the hay for the cows, and she did enquire about the cow's "boobies"..."Why she got 4 boobies?"
When we got back on the bus- she exclaimed "that was lots of fun aye!"
I dropped her back at daycare and went to work from 1-5pm...picked her up after work and reminded her to tell Frenchy all about her day at the Farm. She did, she said "Papa, I was on the bus today!"


Omega ; Alex said...

ha ha so cute little fob girl. Your Aiaiava kie kie pasi days must be coming through ha ha

That Keo Nets said...

:) I like her use of the word aye lol little kiwi fobbit. Going to the farm, now how awesome is that?!