Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 reasons why we love it here

1. Fresh strawberries (and oranges, apples, kiwifruit, veges)
2. Lots of great friends
3. Meat is affordable
4. Not as busy as other places
5. Free or heavily subsidized children's medication
6. Lots of things to do for children
7. Everyone minds their own business (aside from our faikakala friends who are ready inviting us for coffee just to pry into our and ours lives (-:
8. Close to both coasts; Raglan and Mount/TRG for the beach
9. Close to Ruapehu for skiing n Taupo.
10. Because its not Auckland. Pugi (:(actually, because for the money we saved to buy our house, we'd have just afforded half a garage in Mangere, so there!)

Not long to go before before WLG to see MJ and co...yay!!!!!

hmmm,still can't post pics, damn it!!!


That Keo Nets said...

Reading your comments gives me much hope for when we finally moves our arses back to NZ although it will be Auckland but I really HOPE we can get a slice of this heaven you write about :-)

Goddess of Savaii said...

well....you'll definitely have more of a head$tart than us, ..means you can buy a nice house near the beach or in ponsy ponsonby (: ...AWAY from South Auckland.

You'll do just great here...probably a bit too slow after DXB tho!