Saturday, November 28, 2009

The installation ceremony and the political agenda, by M. Tuimaleali'ifano

i'o lelei!

His account of title bestowment is so crassly true and sad, and I highly recommed that every Samoan or palagi who has been offered a chiefly title read this before accepting.
There is something painfully 'ugly' about the greed of a samoan matai that this author has perfectly presented....and this is widespead in Samoa.
There are good matais, hard working ones (serious!), but for many - they are simply living for the next faalavelave to siphon the wealth, livelihood and happiness out of the suffering.
...many turn up to the funerals to get their pusa apa
...many will call their relations abroad for money at the drop of a mat(:
...many will go looking for the next faalavelave to usu to, and sing the praises of the family in return for chching.
...gawd, Ive seen the salelesi at work in Apia, I was disgusted, I wanted to shoot them! I am glad this is forbidden in Savaii. These are those rookie kulukus chiefs who 'show up' to faalavelaves shamelessly to demand money and goods.

There is also a reference in this article to the rainforest preservation convenant signed between Salelologa and the Swedish Foundation: Well., I hope that these Salelologa matai NEVER get their demands from the Government because they have been so so greedy with $$$. Serves them right for being greedy.

Its all about the monero ...tsk tsk...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank Jah for FijiLive

Ive been following the Miss South Pacific Pageant through Fijilive and I am so very impressed with the daily photo updates, am loving it!
Its gonna be tough this year with most of the girls being so so so GORGEOUS!!!
If the Judges are palagish, Miss Tahiti would win, she is Miss World material....which may not be in her favour if there are ancient traditionalists at the judging table.
Either way, I am impressed with the calibre of Tongan winners in recent years, theyre really tapping into their export market for stunners...and its paying off.

Pity our home bred Jacinda couldn't make it cos she would have been brilliant, though I must commend Miss Pomele for her charisma and personality.
I do like the pics of the girls having tea with the military leader, it shows such a lovely and Pacific man revelling in the midst  of island keols.
My second winning option is Miss Fiji, she looks very elegant and has that teine matua air about her, so she can carry the crown with dignity. Oka! fisi i kua le pale o Queen Elisapeta.
Miss Cook Islands is pretty, but lost in a blender sort of way, which is shocking for the Atu Kukis. They are usually on the ball with their girls but this year seems a bit lacking. Maybe they've changed the chaperones or changed the designer or something....whatever it is, she just isn't shinning through.
Well done to Tuvalu and Kiribati for showing up, they improve each year, so give it a few more years and they will win. What they need to work on now is trying to establish a distinct 'image' so they are not mixed up as one and the same.
Of the two Samoas, I am in admiration of the American's step towards truly traditional materials as opposed to our Samoas obsession with creative big bridal dresses and use of cook island material.
Miss Aotearoa New Zealand is always an oddity in this event, depsite being the biggest country, the actual owner of the Miss Aotearoa NZ name is a smallish group who really don't do a great job....and this shows in the girl wearing tights at the first day of the Pageant...shock horror for a Pacific event.....where are all the great Maori designers who would have loved to lend a dress...sheeze, I would have lent her my work skirt if she asked!
Miss Niue, another one whose blending in, and her traditional ofus are tragic!
I am a little concerned at the excessive use of Thinlizzie and foundations on the brown complexion. Miss Tonga almost looks like a giesha at a Tokyo railway with her caked up face...yet she looks browningly stunning without it. Miss Samoa seems more used to her application because its not as glaring.
All in all, Fiji is doing a brilliant job hosting, and Samoa and other nations must watch and learn from the best. Also, they have used the 5 days to hold the pageant, so a different event daily...better than a 6 hours sit-down in Apia.

Sonja Hunter's influence is also another reason for this huge renewed interest in the Pageant, she has managed to round up more support and more girls from other islands....and it helps that her former FIJI Visitors Bureau mate now sits at Bainimarama's roundtable, Bernadette Ganilau Rounds, now the Minister of Tourism and various other posts.
Sonja would have also gotten Am Samoa on her side, since David Vaeafe, the boss of AmSa Tourism is a former STA Marketing Manager(NZ) yeah, things are truly looking up for Pacific in terms of Pageantry and the sort. The next step now should be an overhaul of the whole concept to make it more relevant to the Pacific today....ohh, ohh and world peace!!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009 can be uploaded...very scruffily

Can this be done without having a shower too?(Relle's photo)

fly swatter

Orange in the backyard

Aunty, what the heck are you teaching my child?

Relle took this image, luv it!

Aunty Relle n MMoelagi after the TAPA Dinner, mid Nov 09

10 reasons why we love it here

1. Fresh strawberries (and oranges, apples, kiwifruit, veges)
2. Lots of great friends
3. Meat is affordable
4. Not as busy as other places
5. Free or heavily subsidized children's medication
6. Lots of things to do for children
7. Everyone minds their own business (aside from our faikakala friends who are ready inviting us for coffee just to pry into our and ours lives (-:
8. Close to both coasts; Raglan and Mount/TRG for the beach
9. Close to Ruapehu for skiing n Taupo.
10. Because its not Auckland. Pugi (:(actually, because for the money we saved to buy our house, we'd have just afforded half a garage in Mangere, so there!)

Not long to go before before WLG to see MJ and co...yay!!!!!

hmmm,still can't post pics, damn it!!!

The Animal Farm

Some time last week, I couldn't get MM to sleep. And it was 11pm on a week night.
I read her 3 books, but she was hyper and bouncing all over
5 more books and I was beginning to skip pages and make things up But she was still buzzing
So I yelled at her, sent her to her bed, switched off the light. Shut the door. "Bwaaaaahhhhh, Daddyyy, Papa....Mommy hurt me....bwahhhhh"
Frenchy comes running and when I told him she was making things up she really turned on the waterworks AND the amplified cries.
Her sobs were like "you abusive woman you, you turned my father against me!"
Anyhow, she won this battle, MM=1 Momma = 0
I took her to the guest room (her Aunty's room, she calls it) and told her if she went to sleep, we will go to the Farm the following week. She quietly but happily gathered her blanket, walked to her room, and asked me to 'get out of my room please"
...Why didn't I think of this at 8pm?
ANyhow, that promise has been getting her to sleep early every night..."we will see the horses and the cows in the morning".

I took the day off today and went with her to daycare.
All 15 of her 2 year old mates were all ready with hats, sunblock and tons of excitement to get to the farm.
The highlight of course was the Bus ride, not the farm.
Funny how 2 year old's shrieks with excitement and 14 others follow suit.
One cries and the rest force tears too.
The first part of the visit was a trailer ride - MM loved it, she hopped on the second trip without me....there I was waiting excitedly for her and she completely ignored me. little miopi!
The farmer took us to see and feed the ducks - kids loved this...MM was over the moon about feeding the ducks, chickens and goats straight out of her bare wee hands!!!
She also helped throw the hay for the cows, and she did enquire about the cow's "boobies"..."Why she got 4 boobies?"
When we got back on the bus- she exclaimed "that was lots of fun aye!"
I dropped her back at daycare and went to work from 1-5pm...picked her up after work and reminded her to tell Frenchy all about her day at the Farm. She did, she said "Papa, I was on the bus today!"

Monday, November 16, 2009

To the very beautiful girl

To the very beautiful girl who has be blessed unexpectedly, much to the outrage of some short-sighted people.
I hope that you know that you are so very special to so many,
and they are the very people that matter to you and yours, so stop
and smile (:
They matter even more when the dust has settled and the au faikakalas coconut wireless have found another young soul to bark at

If everything seem so overwhelming and against you now,
just think, ...there will be a political fallout tomorrow, a car accident next week and another ribbon cutting ceremony that will dominate the headlines.
Meanwhile life goes on and you are needed so so so much in this world.

Look on the bright side, you came forward with your situation.
Who knows how many others would have 'dealt' with the problem differently?
Focus on what is important in life right now, the rest of the rifraf can pacrack on, like one great man once said "kukuu ai pea le vale e fasa fasa a make" transliterated "live and let live(-:"

Stay positive and strong and hopeful. That is my prayer. (when I come round to saying a prayer this month)
Amene ma alleluia.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Apparently, ranting about the Government of Samoa is no longer permitted

and I thought to myself.....what a load of .....
theyre really sensitive at the moment about any criticism, ouch

..... .... and that is exactly what is wrong!

For you Terry, I will remove/change this, but it doesn't change my views (:

wow, there are actually more than 17 people reading my fagogos!
At the retort of the Editor of the Savali newsletter, I have changed, (NOT REMOVED) this post.
...which is on MY BLOG, by me, for me, about whatever comes to mind, fank you very big-if-you-dont-like-it-put-a-lid-on-it-cheers-Beyonce(-:

Sorry to your familia who are affected by this blog, please know that I am only saying what I believe is true, same reason why what you write is true.
As nature has it, our truths just fekoai like a right hand driven by Koomaka.
I'd have thought you'd be used to the woes of public scrutiny by now,
This is my avenue to discuss MY issues in my obscure corner of cyberville, at no time have I begged you to venture only came here because you googled your name.
In any case, you got your wish, I have obliged and removed any sensitive comments that may hurt your finagalo.
Sorry for my wrong fai mai ia le isi kamaloa mai Pakamea
....moving on, just read the article and have an open mind about the writer's positioning..... awww, it sucks having the watch what I say when prying eyes are gawking this way, Auoka !
Look at his article about the state of media in Samunda
Every time the Government 'mentions' radical ideals, it is not to loosely chit chat about it, instead, it already has set in motion a plan to make that ideal a reality, irrespective of the outrage from the public.
Clearly, they have done this first phase well...mention a media council, isolate the actual 'media', victimise key parties and then gather the (BIG DELETE) of government to agree to a council headed by:
CEO of Samoa Media Council or to borrow from the revered Editor's plan: Samoa Broadcasting Standards would be his good self
President: President of the defunct JAWS.
ACEO: who else is in Savali?
This will be the death of freedom of speech as we know it.
ANyhow, I just can't get myself to believe two words this Editor says because I used to like reading about his views of corruption and govt and then chch$$$ing, he cooperates like a good (deleted deleted) for the PM. Delete Delete
I have copied thee good Editor's comment here:
Paramount in all this is that we come up with an (media council)institution that best caters to the welfare of our profession, our industry and most important of all, to those we serve", that's exactly where the problem is, you serve the PM.
End of Story.

Why is it important to focus my discussions on personalities rather than issues? Because issues are not objective as is, issues come out of personalities who conjure up the issues and in this case, the issues affect 171,000 people of the supposed free world.
I leave you with this,. "At what point did one's conscience take a back seat and let propaganda take precedence?"

DISCLAIMER: Please note that these are my views and mine alone, and do not reflect nor get support of any of my relations, colleagues, neighbours and pets

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Samoa, a 100 years ago and long before

This is all I want for Christmas, a copy of this book. I have repeatedly tried to smuggle my mother's copy out of the country to no avail, and so I have realise that maybe its time i got myself a copy! Speaking of books, I have added to my fobular links the Head of State's website where his eloquenly worded speeches are listed. I love reading his work, it is so intelligent, its our answer to Dalai Lama...or better actually. Have a great weekend everyone, i'll be camping at the more deadline and I'm Frreeeeeeeeeeeeee(-: manuia le aso

Ironic, huh

Miss South Pacific, the brainchild of Samoa Tourism (Bureau) is being held in Fiji next week.
This is despite the political fallout between Fiji and the rest of the supposedly democratic Pacific.
I just find so many amusing ironies in all this fickle relationship,...just imagine, Tuilaepa have been insulting Bainimarama all year, I bet if he sets foot on Fiji soil, he will be arrested (here's hoping)( I am hoping Tuilaepa goes!!!
And then, remember there is a media ban at the moment, so what happens when the best contestant wins the pageant but criticises the government?
she loses her crown? they pick another winner?
As for the voting system I bet everyone is voting for their favourite girl without knowing that this is just a joke, Bainimarama is gonna stop the show 2 minutes before announcement and "abrogates" the competition...
...and speaking of contestants, the former Miss Samoa's picture is still listed, so maybe they din't get the memo about the resignation.
All the best to the tauvaga teine, may the best keol win, and please Fiji Military, can you please please arrest our Government representative when they arrive?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My beautiful Mama has pissed off the Prime Minister of Samoa,...chooohooo

For a man who is known for his cool and arrogant composure, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi Taepumaosi has definitely ripped his undies over the SUNGO issue.
He wrote a rather angry letter accusing mother dearest and the Ceo of SUNGO for being fiapots and several other accusations. Rather than delve over the details of the letter (there's 2 more angrier ones that didn't leak to the media), which is front page of Samoa Observer, I am just smiling because she's done something that not even the opposition and Tautua could do.
Piss off Tuilaepa, revealing that at the end of the day, he is just a very normal human being with high blood pressure, diabetes, an enlarged ego and very upset relations (one in particular:)
I am laughing about this because I know the truth.
We know the truth,.
Samoa Observer might soon know the truth, if they simply locate the culprit hehe
Tuilaepa knows the truth about his 'in' crowd who are in the SHIT because of dodgy dealings, and he knows that SUNGO leadership will not sit back and condone theft, corruption and's your lesson on transparency served in a afi, chooohoooo! ...and i laugh at his indignant disgust over SUNGO speaking the truth after all, " I gave you a house to use and that doesn't silence you?"

Tuilaepa needs to stop listening to some cry baby relation who got caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar...thus why the donors are wanting accountability and transparency.
He needs to stop and ask,
"whose done the dirty now? and how can I dig myself out of this hole? and perhaps I should butt out of the apolitical work of Non governmental organisations, even if they are the thorn on my side, with their stubborness in opposing the road switch, the land bill that goes against all that we are as Samoans, and the fact that donors prefer to deal direct with NGO because my gang of hoodlums are crooks? awww, I suck!"
E sao ai le tala foi lele, mu loa le lima kapa i le iofi,...problem is, the iofi is just as destructive
Tuilaepa my chubby friend, next time you attack my revered mother publicly, you are simply showing your va'ava'eness and your ignorance.
She does not need to be glorified by you (who are you, muli pu) or by anyone, she is a humble hard working and honest woman who has served her country and her island without asking for money, and without getting fat from taxpayer's sweat and blood.
She is never one to act like an idiot in the face of controversy, thus why she will not reply to your ignorance, but rather, let the donors and the culprit reveal the shameful truth. But oi! the truth will shake the powers that be, noooo, we can't have that
I must confess that I have disquietly supported Tuilaepa through his failings, even defended his crass actions, but this is the last straw.
He is as good as a kae pua'a in my view.
Soifua ma ia manuia outou matua ae ola matou le fanau soifu