Monday, October 05, 2009

Much to be hopeful for

While I pack items for Samoa, Maeva walks around, unpacking things and dispersing them around the room.

She asked me on the weekend, "What you doin' maamie?"
So I sat her down and said:
"You know Maeva, there are some children, boys and girls in Samoa who have no toys, no ofus (clothes) and no mommy, very very sad, they also have no house!
We are giving them some clothes and things because they don't have it, like birthday presents".
She sits there, eyes wide open, "Why they don't have a toys maamie?"
I didn't want to traumatize her about waves, so I left it at that and sent her off to play with her puzzles.

Two minutes later, she cries out from her little room,
"Mommy, help!!! help!"...shes such a prima donna when she does this...its like the end of the world really.

I found her with a laundry basket full of toys, too heavy for her to drag.
"Mommy, this my toys for the little boys and the little keols in Samoa"

I just was near tears about this and so I helped her sort her toys out.
She was willing to give up Barney, koala bear, her favourite books, Tau's car (magaia le foai o mea a isi) and heaps of other things.

But when I picked up the ukulele, she put her foot down,
"No mammie, that's Mine!"
I felt like my mother all over again,

"You don't know how lucky you are! Look at all those toys and there are children with nothing!"
Theres much to be hopeful for. Still.
We can only hope those children will one day begin to forget their ordeal and smile again...there is hope.

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