Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's been memorable this week?

What's happened this week that makes it worth remembering?
- I turned 25. pugi
- The 9 pallets FINALLY went to Samoa via the EFKS, cheers mate!
- 3 pallets going to POutasi -still sitting in Leota's garage
- Study Week ends
- Maeva Moelagi can sing "Becerra, cerra, whatever will be...the futures not ours to see, Becerra, cerra
- Black Russian tastes lighter with coke zero. nice
- I love the Islands concert highlight of the year.
- Got updated by CJ about the Aute Recovery Project
- Going to Wellington for Pathways conf
- I removed myself from Facebook and it felt great!(not a permanent move)
- Left MM with Neta for the first time, she loved it
- MM thinks getting a punnet of cherry tomatoes is cooler than Kinder eggs.
- I was sick most of the week with a sore throat, runny nose, ear infection. - The Rugby season is FINALLY over, for a few weeks)-:
- MM knows when she needs to go toilet but still pees her pants and then removes it and asks to go the toilet and all she does is to pronounce piiisssssss on the toilet but shes already done the damage on the ofus" - Frenchy was a write off yesterday, today and probably tomorrow
- I washed my hair with v05 shine for the first time in aeons and my hair is..."shining" just like the biatch in the ad, umm, with a bit of afro-rations - I need to tell the story about the 9 pallets and the fork lift later.

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