Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rest in Peace Aunty Palolo

After much searching, I've finally found something regarding our Palolo's funeral, very sad. This is Aunty Paka's daughter from Pago. Rest in Love and peace Vaasiliifiti. VA’ASILIIFITI VAIPALOLO L. VIENA Government workers clearing debris in the Evalani’s area stopped and took their seats at a bus stop as a motorcade escorting the body of Department of Human and Social Services employee Va’asiliifiti Vaipalolo L. Viena, 49, was led to its final resting place in Papa’atai, Happy Valley yesterday. She was known to many as just “Palolo.” Family members cried as her casket was lowered into the ground while members of the Pago Congregational Church of Jesus in Samoa (CCJS) sang, heralding the mother of three’s journey to meet the Lord. “Palolo, she was all of the above...that pretty much describes her,” said her older brother Duke Viena, who traveled from Washington state with several siblings for the funeral. “It’s such a tragedy.” His sister was in her two-story home, facing Tool Shop Bay Hardware (the old Soli’s restaurant) when the waves came in, said Duke. The account was relayed to him by a seamstress who worked in the sewing shop on the first floor of Palolo’s home. Neighbor Lucky Yandall was calling out to his neighbors to move to high ground as the wave was coming. “She (Palolo) didn’t see it because there was a building in front,” Duke said. “And she went in to get her son because he was in the shower. He made it out.” The funeral motorcade passed her yellow and pink home, sitting atop a heap of sodden lumber, the first floor of the house gone. Duke said they believe the Tool Shop blocked the remainder of her house from being washed into the Harbor. “My little sister, I miss her very much and I love her very much...we looked after her,” said Duke. “She was my favorite.” Palolo was interred beside a sister’s home high up on a hill in Happy Valley, overlooking the Pago Harbor.

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