Monday, October 26, 2009

OMFG! There were Nazis in Samoa)-:

Would you farken believe it!$%&*(%!!!
I never expected to stumble across this, in our own leafy and brown corner of the world, which is quite naive of me.
After all, we were under German administration before the war, but I was sooooo not prepared to see that we have had a Nazi Party in Samoa as late as 1937!!!
If its any consolation (and its not), the author noted that one member was married to a Jewish and two to Samoans.
Tim Worst wrote about this disturbing and toxic history in 'Colaboration and Far Right Parties'.
What I found most interesting was this excerpt,
In the spring of 1937 the German consul in Wellington visited the Concordia Gruppe in Apia.
He reported to Berlin that the club on Beach Road "now bears a definitely National-Socialist imprint.
There are pictures of our F├╝hrer in every room and in front of the ministry flies our national flag" (report to ministry of foreign affairs, dated 30.5.1937).
He also wrote that New Zealand had become indifferent over Samoa and Berlin could be expected to get their former colonial place in the sun back without "over much persuasion".

It leads me to think, are there still remnants of Nazism left in our Samoa?
I know for a fact that there are remnants of colonialism and colonial masters, I can name a grumpy few in their white pick up trucks, but oi! not gonna piss off Colonel Wilhelm's crowd.
I also found some more info about the prisoners of war, presented by Vic Uni in Wellington, and ov course, the wikipedia overview is worth a peek.
I can (shallowly) conclude that the Nazi movement in Samoa was short lived and poorly supported.
It was the brainchain of Alfred Matthes, who was committed to the cause and even published a circular called 'Samoan Nazi'
but it was not widely (or at least it was not overtly) supported and when Matthes ran out of $$$$ so did this chapter of the Party in Samoa.
Conveniently though, he started at an inoptune time when relations were strained between Berlin and the rest of the Allies.
But then again, how was Nazism going to gain momentum in a place dominated by Samoans and with most Germans at peace with the place and even benefitting because of these good relations.

Eh, kailo se.
I do sometimes wonder what our country would have been like under the German administration...definitely would have prevented the spanish influenza epidemic with their strict rules.
And we'd have maintained the gorgeous achitechture. Maybe prevented the murderof Tupua Tamasese?
Or would it have been worse?
Whatever it it would have been, I am fascinated with the Samoa-German era.
Even my granma used to sing songs in German!
Just imagine the history that is kept among those families of German descent....if they are keeping it.
I know the German's definitely kept better records of their time in Samoa.
Heck, they even had a considerable influence on the faalupega we use today.
Think of the options - we would have had German passports, Euro even!
We'd be proficient in speaking a third language.
Ultimately, I have utmost respect for the Germans for the most important contribution to our country, and this legacy continues to cajole our people forward, and sideways,...
VAILIMA: once brewed under German management ....choooohooooo! sehr gut!!!

What's left of these colonial remnants
The only organisation still left that resembled this colonial past is the Freemasons, who once controlled a fair amount of business (through copra and subsequently land, think Westec Land Corporation).
They have somewhat reinvented themselves as a reputable organisation by contributing postively to the community through scholarship rarara...which is great, if you are a child of a freemason that is.
I do know this because I was faikakalaring through my mother and father's pusa ku and came across a letter written for my grandfather (who was in India at the toime).
"This is to acknowledge that Mr ...... ....... is of good masonic standing" or something along those lines.
I was so ke'i, I was like
"Oh my God, my grandfather was in a.... secret sect, he worships skulls and freaky stuff like that! He's gotta magic handshake, he talks to the dead... ohhhh noooo!"
And I blame Ronald (N) for those misconceptions. Polo. But umm, nah, nothing amazing like that, and frankly, bugger those Freemasons too because when I applied for one of their funds they told me my father wasn't a members....Polos x 2
So FreeMasons suck! (But i won't name my grandfather coz it might jeapardise any potential scholarships (-:
Go to Jane Resture's page for pics of German Samoa


Chris said...

Ohh that would have been so hilarious seeing Samoan Nazi goose stepping around Apia in lavalavas and barefoot or jandals....ha ha ha I'm pissing myself laughing at the image.

And you know very well it's always been who you know in Samoan, not what you think you know. So bring on the masons, tell us the secrets about the Mary images in Apia.

Goddess of Savaii said...

ga kogu a,....e fasi ia i le faipopo se siamani pe'a fika sese fua.

haha, yeah, blame the freemasons for the Mary image...that's a good angle....we need something to distract from the apparition theory.
cheers chris