Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MM Update, i know, its been a while ...

She is now 2 years, 6 months and like every kid that age, speaks and speaks and screams if she is not adhered to.
Cunning little souls they are...nevertheless a joy and pride in seeing this very child develop and grow and guku oso back at me.
Fefe ia moimimi.
(seevae kosokoso still applies in Niu Sila mate)

She's got more of a cherelle personality - she sings to her own (ahem, pa'ulua) tune and doesn't back down even if she is outrightly wrong.
That could have positives in her determination and confidence.
Her social butterfly-ness is worryingly omega-like, exilihiarating and if unattended, can be disrupting and contagious.
That's something to watch out for.

I am happy though to see the organiser in her, she keeps her wee pocessions in bags and boxes and bags, hidden in corners.
In other words, she's a hoarder like a leilani.
But the beauty of this is she keeps account of her things.
Her shoes. Her ofus. Her crayons.
She is also a mini cleaner, she likes to wipe her table down, bagging her dirty nappy in a blue (has to be blue maamie)plastic bag before disposing of it in the bin.

Her love for the outdoors is definitely from her namesake.
She loves (ahem, uprooting) helping with the gardening.
Frenchy helped her grow beans, carrots, chilli and fennel, and just like the moelagi-factor, she want to make sure the plants are growing upwards and not sideways.
She takes her watering can out in the evenings and (ahem, drowns) waters her plants with loving care.

Of course, all her negative traits are all from her father's side.
Like her short fuse and her makagaga-ness when she doesn't get her way.
(Shuddup girls -that's not from me).
That's all the marseille temper flaring through

And that's this quarter's report about MM, enjoy the little snippets of intrique below compliments of MM:
I went to the campus technician to fix my laptop, it wasn't working properly.
He fumbled about and offhanded said I shouldn't share my gadgets with little people,
(This puzzled me, because I never mentioned the little people). "Why?"
Because there's a barbie doll high heel lodged tightly inside the CD hatchy part.
Thanks MM, first the PS2, now the laptop.
Have been sleeping late lately (2am) after labs, and MM tends to break my slumber every hour by kicking wildly and screaming 'Move, move!", even though she is in "MY" bed.
The result being that I wake up grumpily at 7am and first thing she cheerily asks is
"Did you have a good sleep maamie?"

She insists on wearing panties now, like the older girls in her Day care centre.
There is a minor problem though, she hasn't figured out that she has to remove her panties BEFORE she does her business.
Right now, its bomb the panties and then dutifully undresses and asks to go to the toilet.
Frenchy takes MM to rugby training when I am in the labs or at work(x 3 a week).
She thinks rugby is the cooler than kinder eggs and Barbar the elephant.
She stops whatever she's doing to watch the 'Sports Tonight' recap of the rugby.
Every team is rugby. Every player on tv is 'daddy's rugby and uncle filo!'.
She is in her realm in the sheds picking mud off rugby boots.
I would have liked a little princess playing with dresses but this the order of the day...we are raising a scruffy Kiwi kid who eats too much tomato sauce and ends every word with 'ies'...chippies, fishie, woolies(warm ofus), gummies(gumboots), breakie(breakfast), bickie (biscuit), sammies(sandwich)..oka!
Of course, this is okay until she turns 12 and then no more boys! *****


That Keo Nets said...

lol - awww MM sounds absolutely perfect :) I like that she gets ALL her bad traits from Gui's side...of course she does :-) love it that you're the sort of chilled out parent who let's their kids sleep with them :)

Goddess of Savaii said...

chilled out parents? hmmm
more like, wannbe-be strict parents who say, "moe i lou poku!" and she walks to our room an hour later "no, i sleep in YOUR bed"
but i dont have the energy to drag her to her room x 20 so she ends up sleeping Across our bed, sending Frenchy into the guest room.
there's contraception right there!

Shark Girl said...

I love this post. It's great to read wat MM is up to these days. She's definitely a big girl...I swear, she's more developed than Tinto with a wider range of "personality" :D Tinto is all MOOD SWINGS and "ME ME ME". That's about it. Lol.

Goddess of Savaii said...

No Nyds - i'm sure she has a lot of personality, she's just not showing it to you but to the boyses and keols of Malie and her grandparents chooooohoooooo!!!
Go Tinto, Go Tinto!