Monday, October 26, 2009

Litea Ah Hoi, what a stinker

We've been organising all kinds of fundraisers and directed people to reputable organisations (Red Cross, Westpac for eg and the NZ Samoa Tsunami appeal 2009) to donate and help Samoa rebuild and recover.
This morning, I get 6 emails asking why we bother when there is stories out that the aid is being mismanaged.
The main story everyone is referng to is claims by a self-obsessed media loving councillor named Litea Ah Hoi from the bottom of North Island.
She flew to Samoa in her prissy suit and tip toed past Saleapaga and Poutasi, thus making her the 'voice of the oppessed and savior of humanity'
Oka, this never ending colonial attitude of 'I know best, I'll fly to the third world, save the savages and leave my nofo vaevaeloloa for a few days"
For someone who knows what's best and what's transparent about aid,
remember the case of the beautiful 'Cherish' child who died in WLG this year?
Well, the family spokesperson was none other than Litea herself...and she outrightly blamed St JOhns AMbulance for the death, EVEN though, the child was beaten senseless by a family member. But oi! thats not the issue, accordingly to Litea, blame the ambulance instead!

Interestingly enough, I noticed that this character LOVES the media, LOVES publicity, LOVES herself.
Which is fine, she's in the right career.
BUT what disturbs me is her arrogance and acute failure to back her statements.
I can sooo imagine her going to Poutasi in her shiny charade snooping around for drama, ...because its a front pager.
And thanks to her shortsightedness, many people are now refusing to help.
YET, there is still a desperate need for help, and it took a few grumpy putridos to muck it all up.
People can still choose how the $$$ can be managed, if they don't trust distribution,
donate to Habitat for Humanity - who have a team of builders sent from here,
or use any trusts now set up for families and resorts and villages,
there are so many ways to help - and there is so much more we can do, without having wannabe politicians stinking up everyone's efforts.
Here's only a few of the ways your tupe can still go:
Red Cross
Samoa Tsunami Appeal 2009: goes to Government
For the Taufua Beach Fales Family
OR, if you want to help the beach fale families, you can Western Union them money ov course (-:
Litia Sini Beach Fales
Faofao Beach Fales
Sunset Views Beach Fales, Manono
Namua Island Beach Fales
Lupesina Resort
Sin PJ Beach Fales
Coconuts Beach Fales
Iliili Resort
Vaotuua Beach Fales in Manono
Or email CJ at, tell her what you want to buy for a particular family or business, she buys it from the Hardware store in town and you get the bill.
She has so far bought stuff like chainsaws, toilet bowls, timber, nails, sapelu/machetes and heaps more man stuff thats helping the peoples help themselves.

16 Nov 2010:
whoa - Litea Ah Hoi seems to be a real fan of controversy, check this out, she just called a fellow Pac Islander "a dumbass coconut", gosh, where does this woman get off? she may have just costed poor J. Faafoi his win...lets hope NOT!


Fotu said...

You're right. WHAT A STINKER!

kuaback said...

watta a putrido guy