Monday, October 19, 2009

I've found my 'omf' in life again....i trust!

So, after a very very depressing few weeks where I have simply, "LOST the plot", I sought help (brofessional ov course) and shared my dramas with the others who are in the same boat.
I have to make a move on,
For my sake and for those who are most devastated and at a loss.
I can definitely be more helpful by moving on, and making the most of
opportunities that they have been deprived of.
I needed to accept that I have to delve on what I have control over, not the impossible.
So help me God, Allah, Mohammed and Bona Mere and all mighty deities.
I found talking with other Samoans very healing.
I kept my sadness to myself thinking I was just not hacking it,
I thought I was just being weak and alone in my woes.
But I have learnt that most of the people I have discussed this with are going through the same challenges....deeply affected by the events of late.
But, like I said, I am learning to take things one step at a time,
(Thanks to my online shrinks Mega, Utu, Fotu, and the last person who left a comment).
I also did something else.

I took a break and made a deal that I will NOT think, read or discuss the tsunami in the weekend, (well, apart from the fundraiser and loading the goodies pallets on the truck and calling home).

But last night was EXCEPTIONAL and humbling:
Last night, we went to the I love the Islands concert in Auckland and for the first time and probably the only time ever in New Zealand history,
the BEST of New Zealand music and the All Blacks! performed,
one after another for a glorious 4 hours.
It was like listening to my favourite playlist on ipod, except...they were LIVE and brilliant!
The TV3 Presenters Mihirangi Forbes and John Campbell were bigger celebrities than they ever anticipated.

They were in Samoa the day after the tsunami hit telling Samoa's story to the world and she told of the kindness of the Samoan people, when those who have lost everything were more concerned about given them
something, ...the boys climbed the coconut tree and offered them a drink.
I loved the caliber of performers, old legends like Dave Dobbyn, Neil and Tim Finn, Bic Bunga was gggoorrrgeous!, LMNOP, CheFu, Overstayers,....

Towards the end of the night, Savage and Scribe did battle and the 10,000 crowd went WILD!!!
I realised I had paid a $1.00 to see each of these performers...what a bargain!
...the best $25.00 I've sent in my life! This is the actual list of performers:
Neil Finn & Tim Finn: good ol' Kiwiana icons
Dave Dobbyn: I'd loyally pay hundreds to see him perform, AMAZING
Bic Runga: schexy, smooth, stunning, ...gifted.
Savage: Highligh of the night 10,000 people going "Chooohooo!!!!"
Scribe: did battle with above, seki a
Hollie Smith: sang acapela with her group 'Let it me', MEMORABLE.
Elemeno P: Most hyped, crazed, exicited performer of the night.
Nesian Mystik: Funkeey, but aside from one, they kinda beefed up
Jordan Luck Band: I'm sure they were awesome, I forgot with one
J.Williams: all the teenie poppers went nuts for him
Che-Fu & Kratez: Che Fu was a bit of an anti climax
Open Souls
Kirsten Morrell:Redhead wtd guitar, I HEART HER! better than Nora Jones
Sweet & Irie
DJ Sirvere
Aaradhna gorgeous voice, TRAGIC hairdo...WTF!
Mareko: gansta big pants, big belly, big voice, big performance
King Kapisi: loved the remix of Faifaipea which all the palagis sang to
Adeaze: Tokoroa represent, seki a kama gei
Lapi Mariner: Ave lo'u ola background music, heavenly!
If there's one thing they should change, it would be to remove Teuila Blakely as the MC,
she seems like she was on tooo much coke, hyper, unfunny, kaea voice and she spoke so fast that we didn't even know what she was saying or who she was introducing.
Hope Oscar picks someone else to emcee with him, maybe someone who is more articulate and not as bouncy like Teuila.
SOmeone like Petra Bagust, or Mihirangi Forbes or Jackie Brown or Beatrice Faumuina or anyone who can actually present properly.
Other higlights:
Len Brown - Manukau Major, he's the token 'brown' palagi who started with 'wasup Sooouth side! Weeest siiiide"....oka, he just needed some loose pants and a cap and whollah, Len Brown-gansta from the souf syde in da house.
All Black showed up - Tia Lata said to drop him a message on facebook and he'll sell you a shirt he designed for the tsunami relief.
Pity my honey Richard Kahui wasn't there. But Liam Meesam, Maa Nonu, and others came.
Liam Meesam (and Callum Bruce)actually gave lots of their rugby gear to our collection point, so he's AWESOME!
All in all, I am so so so intrigued with the love and concern and action by New Zealanders to this tragic event. Everyone I have met is doing something.
SO many people are making things happen, by donating clothes, given money, performing for free, organising findraisers, offering services from free
Like i mentioned before,
I have utmost faith it the true kindness of humanity from this disaster.
Many will never be acknowledged for their efforts but here are those people and companies who helped in our own small events and collection in our humble corner of Aotearoa:
Storage King
Fulton Hogan
University of Waikato staff
Hamilton City Council staff
Air New Zealand
Habitat for Humanity, Te Rapa
Red Bins Te Awamutu
Snell Packaging on Sunshine Ave
Church College in Htown
Coast to Coast Transport, Hamilton
Coupland Transport, Te Awamutu
Waikato Kindergarten Association
Fonterra staff at the Canpac site
Vaka, Sharon, Dolores, Tj, Shobna, Scottie Walker.
And every man, woman and child who have given something for the cause.
Viia lea Alii!

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ulalei said...

Hi love! Good to hear you had fun!!! And more moving to read of people's efforts to do their little bit to help Samoa. Talofa e...

And bloody hell, if this doesnt get your mojo back... I dunno what will! LOL. I'm not too worried... e fai lava lou drama queen but at the end of the day, you're a strong and feisty one who'll no doubt make it! ;)