Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Ideal building solution for the Aleipata region

I spent a week (with Matile) with the amazing Niggemann Family in Bochum Germany a few years back.
Herwig and Christiane, whose grandfather's brother set up the Mulinuu Observatory and documented much of marine species/shells at the time, took unique images, became friend with Mataafa Iosefa and much more,
I've mentioned this before in this entry ... and you can view samples of the images and or purchase the book authored by Christiane. They also have valuable images of traditional samoan fales in the village and the original Fale Fono in Muliguu.
The point I'm making is,
The rebuilding of homes in the affected areas are now happening inland, and MOST people want to have fale palagis: which the government can pay for.
But just imagine if the homes by the coast can be made in the traditional design, each family building a afolau or similar fale tele in samoan material?
This is especially appealing to the tourists (which is the livelihood of the the region) and cultually appropriate for the village?

Of course, each family can build their palagi toilet and shops can remain in the palagi format.
But just imagine how beautiful it would be to have traditional well-spaced out and STURDY samoan built homes along the beach.
I know its only a far fetched concept, but it doesn't hurt to just imagine the government putting the money into both useful and significantly more meaningful structures!
Just a thought on a warm Friday arvo (-:
Image from Jane Resture's Samoa Page

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Chris said...

Such foward thinking is a glaring example of a loss to Samoa's Tourism Authority talented young guns like yourself.

It's a great idea, who amongst us hasnt poured with wonder over old photos of beautiful Samoan villages.