Thursday, October 15, 2009

I need to regain my focus

Dear Diary, I need to regain some focus in my life right now. I have not touched my academic work since Samoa and I know that this is bad. I will fail my last few assignments I will lose my scholarship. I will be miserable. It will be a semster wasted, lots of money wasted. Bad bad outcomes. So, those are the consequences. What would inspire me to regain control over myself and my actions? I am seeing a student advisor today. I am not having a party but will spend my weekend in the management labs - maybe that change of atmosphere will do me some good. I will leave Maeva with Teu tomorrow and do some work. I need to focus - I only have a few weeks left and my hard work the whole year will go down the shithole if i don't do something now. So Help my God. Please let me know how else I can regain my focus or be inspired again.


Fotu said...

Hi Fotu -

The best advice someone ever gave me when I was in that situation was - "Get off your arse and just get it done!"


Don't get overwhelmed with the enormity of your tasks. Just take them on one day, one hour at a time!

Persevere, it will all be worth it.

Sending you luck, alofas and productive vibes!

D-XiaoK said...

Stop waiting for the bring inspirational rush, instead start tackling the project one step at a time, even if reluctantly.

Of course if you dont have time to do that anymore, then pray everyday and cry infornt of the person that can give you an extension.