Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fagogos VS Warren Jopling's fagogos

I guess growing up with a resident geologist has killed any ideals I have about 'faith' and 'pure luck' and 'legends'.

We used to go on Warren's tours to the lava field, to see the sacred Virgin's grave.
We were intriqued about the mystery about how this virgin's grave was surrounded and protected by the lava, while the rest of the village is gone..
Warren quashed my childhood fascination with a simple geographic explantion about a bubble and air pockets and how this is perfectly normal,.
Then there was Falealupo and the bloodied pool "Vai Sua Toto"
but oi! it's discoloured brackist water in lava rock....pure coincidence, not legend)-:
How about the turtle and the shark love story at Foailuga?
"aww, that's just bullshit"

He's influenced a lot of our perception about how we lovely islanders tend to 'mystify' and turn unexplained or unproven happenings into intriquing stories and fagogo.

But oi!
I wouldn't have it any other way, I still love my fagogos and I am still telling my midget that the sun sets because a warrior pulled it down with pandanus rope. choooohooooo!!!!

Aside from these random points,
I was always in awe by Warren's casual reference to how our islands will eventually drop into the Tongan Trench - a million andgradual years away
- but with the more frequent occurences of earthquakes and plate movements in the Pacific Rim-
is it still that far away?

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