Thursday, October 22, 2009

The end of an affair?

Somehow, posting anything other than a link is no longer possible and for this reason I am currently reassessing my relationship with Blogger to see if its worth continuing or whether a break is imminent.
As sad as that may sound, maybe a break is really what we both need, Blogger and I.
We've been through so much together and Blogger has been there for me on my moments of boredom, excitement, anger, happiness, contentment and laziness.
Through all that, I have poured my life stories and fagogos out, until very little is personal anymore.
We started with lots of 'live' friends, all weaving our blogmats together, all commenting and critiquing and faikakaring together, but like many gadgets - their relationships fell apart or fallowed into "this blog is no longer active"
Such fleeting affairs, some even openly commiting cyber adultery by switching to wordpress, and there I was, staying true, loyal even, to Blogger.
But, we'll see if relations improve, if not then Tofa soifu Blogger


Shark Girl said...

Don't you dare end your blog Not when I've made my comeback. Weeer poo a comeback, ua pei o le keige sa famous...ahar! neway i'm here now - cocokeo.blogspot...talking the same old bullsh*t as before :)

Lots of love & hugs for M!

That Keo Nets said...

NO, don't do it! The only reason I haven't commented is because I don't have a blogspot acct(selfish reason number 1)! and got one so I could comment and keep in touch with all the blogging - sheesh I'm actually a comment whore - I love to respond to everything I read when I can and I LOVE your blog (selfish reason number 2) and coco - there you are oka lou missing in action (selfish reaosn number 3 - finding loved wayward bloggers previously on a sabbatical and now very much back on in your comments) ummmm and I need to wee so can't find a selfish reason number 4! Se stay - who else am I going to get my fagogos from aye?!