Thursday, October 29, 2009

Curbing my addiction

I've done the unthinkable (Netia and Jenn, be broud).
Ive surrendered my username AND password to Facebook AND Bebo.
I emailed Relle and asked her to change the details so I will never ever have to stop living in reality to maintaining a habit of cyber fluffing. I may be bad company in the next few days as I battle with anger issues and then denial and maybe much later, acceptance.
But who knows.
In the meantime,
Goodbye Facebook - you have been the peanut butter on my toast., but also the dead fly in my kokoalaisa.

next up, Blogger?


That Keo Nets said...

ooooh, keo - you was gan do it :) Well, at least better than me hahaha. Serious question though, how long for? Oooh and don't even fink aboud id with blogger. Think: Online petitions, Constant email barraging lol we wouldn't let you go, ioe cyber craziness :)

kuaback said...

hehe..kalofa e..
ia ogosai lou loto..ahar

ia, I too am in the denial I've banned myself and see how long I can stay away..