Monday, October 05, 2009

Cherelle Jackson reporting

Tsunami Reporting: Cherelle has been reporting from the moment the earthquake occured.
While we were in the car to kua, both Paul(driving and answering phones) and I ended up playing secretary to Miss Presse Secretariat while she reported to Radio NZ, Aljazeera, Japanese news, Germans etc etc
Paul chit chats to Aljazeera, Me asking Wall Street Journal to please stay on the line, the next available operation will be with you in a minute.
Australia. France. Japan. Americas. Aljazeera again...oka!
And Relle saying on the phone repeatedly:
"We are in the Independant State of Samoa. It is a country. We are next to American Samoa....yes, that's is a territory of, we are in Western Samoa.......that's right, the wave hit the southern part of Independent Samoa...yes, we are an independent country called Samoa....yes, we are in the South Pacific ocean., thank you".

Gawd, I would not ever have the patience to be a journalist, I will end up saying "Look in a F%#*ng map and google Samoa before you call, do your F%&(&*g homework before you call again, beep beep beep beep".
hmmm, maybe that is why I'm not a reporter, heheh

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