Friday, September 25, 2009

Poutasi, Tafua Tai and lots more happening in Samoa

Aumaga a Poutasi, 23 Sept 2009 after our talanoaga
Isn't this beautiful? the view from the Poutasi road before you cross the stream
Two keols coming home from school and wanting their picha taken
At Lani's for the famaree favourite: curry and arice
Who else but Mother Theresa, hehe, no, this is Mom in her latest fashionista journey: saris! Much to our embarrasment, she struts her saris confidently, and all the Indian/Fijian men compliment her in town. Now people with saris in their dowry are gifting her saris and the sari virus is spreading, two of her friends have also unlocked their pusa kus and wearing them to work. Oka, what's next!
Bona Mere on the John Williams Building - at first they said she appeared to free the stranded ship Forum Samoa, then it was to bless Samoa on the road switch, now its saying she is facing the south as a warning about the tsunami...whatever tickled your fancy. We did ask a respectable church member of our EFKS what they thought about it and the answer was suprising "Ua appear mai le tina ona ua ova le palapala o le Ekalesia"...interesting stuff really
My midget before I left.
Ive been home for a week so far to do fieldwaork on the RSE scheme - and I have a badly burnt right cheek to show for it and mossie bites from the plantations of Kafua.

i'll upload those pics later when I have the energy.

I spent the first two days in Poutasi Falealili, it was my first time there and I just loved it. Poutasi faces Nuusafee Island and has a stream running through it. Most of the untitled men have been part of the RSE and are planning the next trip. To my limited understanding, they are the most organised, most forward-thinking group to be part of this seasonal work scheme. One of the criteria for selection is that all men grow more than 3000 tiapula (taro)per person. This ensures that there is food while the men are gone.
I soooo did not want to leave Poutasi because it was gggoooorgeous, but....i had to go)-:

I caught the 8am boat with CJ, Kilisi picked us up and we did a wee tour of the white chinese elephants of Savaii, like the isolated and empty market in the middle of the so called 'township".
We were so so hungry that we headed for the nearest sefe pagikeke and eat two keke puaa's each...yep, fatty artery clogging beauties...then we were onto Tafua Tai.
CJ and I are comfortable with Tafua because we spent many a weekend here were we was vedy vedy small while mother dearest was involved with conservation and the swedish people. We also used to ka palolo here but the seas are quite rough.

Anyhow, by this part of my interviewing, I was getting tired of explaining the information sheet, your right to not answer, sign here, there and everywhere rara...I was beginning to skip things and drift off....thank god CJ is here to help me.
shes a gem!
We couldn't get hold of the group organiser, so went to tafua with Kilisi and stopped at the first house, asked around, 2 people are rse returnees and then we continued like, stop, ask,, ask again....until we were driving well past the crater to find the kauleleá men in the maumaga....found them walking back with large timber for a house...stopped until a giu and continued the this time, it was 12noon, farken hot and the mosquitos were having my arms for lunch. Great!
One of the men got gius for us to drink, then we said goodbye and drove back....and then, Vaóke's car....DIED! I was disquietly panicking "please dont die please dont die!!!"mind you, this is a BRAND new Right hand drive from Niu SIla. Becuase its an automatic, somehow, they can just wire stuff up and fiddle Vaoke somehow got the car to start but we were like...slow and sputtering to the garage...
Kilisi, CJ and I sat under the family's ulu tree and had a yarn about the recent funeral we attended and we updated him with our city news and he filled us in on the village CNN.
Highlights of the discussion:
1. Our faifeau was so disgusted with the youth being drunk that he drove to their homes and beat them senseless while their families watched......not a bad sober-upper i say(-:

2. Our rugby team are coming to the tourny here in Apia, we were on the boat back with the boyses. We say good luck to them because they are a great bunch but they shit their pants at the most important games. So the agreement is, if they do well, they stay till sunday.
If theyre useless, then back on the pasi o le vaa and riding on the boat back to Havaiki right after they game.

3. The disagreement between the Pauli Family and the Government continues. The Govt refuse to pay them for the use of lands, and the Paulis have retaliated with reopening the old market in Salelologa. the new market is disgustingly chinese-modeled, which is to say it is Large. Square. Unimaginative. Impractical and more visually, the sign posts are in ...Mandarin!

4. There is now a lady at the wharf toilets that gives you toilet paper before you do your business. If you are polite, you get a substantial roll of paper, if youre a grumpy cow, you get very little!

5. There are now TWO women working on Lady Samoa II, which has always been a MALE-dominated space.

6. The waitresses at Wildfire SUCK, theyre grumpy and rude. But the food is great. As long as you spell out what you want to order.

7. The bloody cops are all over the place,..and demanding my damned licence-and i havent gotten a temporary one so far, so I got scolded 6 times between Vaimoso and Savalalo.

8. Driving on the left side of the road is now okay, but just being on the outside is freaky, when you try to overtake, you either ...pray hard and overtake or have a reliable passenger on your right telling you whether the road is clear.

9. The taxis have now reduced their speed from 25kph to 10kph, and 5kph over the numerous camaouoflage roadbumps.

10. Its easier to get out of the govt building areas becoz you now exit behind STA office, cool!!!

11. One of the boys in kua was doing the feaus for the Survivor cast and he said that one of his friends lets call him eric, wanted to kill a chicken, but only had a stick, so he said to "ëric"' "whats so hard about killing a chicken? you just get a rock and aim it at the chicken, and then you will be having grilled chicken for dinner". Hmmm...lets see if anyone managed to do that on the show heheh

k, photos coming tomorrow..island time tomorow!

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Omega ; Alex said...

ha ha it's official, you're not Samoan anymore. The mossies are at the top of your irritating list and the fact that you notice getting bitten means you've gone SOFT. love it. Mossies are telling you off for not visiting often enough heh heh.. sounds like it's still the paradise we love:)