Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tulou, this is a shitty post.

I bet you didn't know that:
In 2006, 77% of Samoan households owned a flush toilet.
16% own a pour flush toilet
7% used faleuila eli (pit)
and 0.4% were still faakikiparing under the ulu with a fu'afu'a leaf.

In fact, there were 10% more flush toilets in 2001, which can mean an increase on pour flush toilets since then or possible becuase the flush toilet stopped flushing automatically and became a pour flush toilet in the end.

If accommodation providers are accounted for in the 2006 census, then the faleuila elis are disproportionately high and not representative of the actual households. This is because Samoana Resort have all long-drop/hear-your-momo-go-'thud'-in-the-soil-eco-friendly pit toilets.
And they have more than 15 rooms.

To my knowledge, there are no peace corp toilets left, but the remnants of the flimpsy structures are still visible in some villages. Its a pity that we now have to be environmentally friendly and overly hygenic and pc because the most fascinating thing ever was watching the fish go crazy over your humble offerings.
Let alone the walk on rotting timber to get to the beach house was an adventure in itself.

Now, going to the toilet is just so.

Have a good shit peoples....Manuia "feau" o le aso...choooohoooo!!!

As I was looking for images of faleuila elis on google, I thought, hmmm, they were phased out by the early I googled the images of "samoa 1960s, 70s, old photos etc...but nothing prepared me for the first image after asking for "old samoa photos". ...yuck, that poor man would'a been mocked, or worshipped.

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