Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is for Malelega a le To'elau

She was the girl who learnt to really speak English.
Like all of us, except, her English made sense
And white people knew what she was englishing about.
Because she practiced her England with them.
Unlike CJ and Di T who spoke a dialect that was unidentifiable.
..and were too ‘ma’ to be mocked for their broken language.
But this story is about Malelega, she who was meant to be
Much to our parent’s relief, their best work yet popped around 2 years and 1 month later.
But hey, this story is about
She had nice hair and straight teeth and a pretty face.
And the hottest boy in the district
Liked her.
Because he winked at her during choir practice.
That alone made her “cool”
She was always top of her class
Or winning a speech competition.
Who of us would forget “A thing of beauty, is a joy forever”
Or an essay writing competition,
Or a winning science project about growing mould.
Or winning the taupou dance for the Teuila Fest
She is the only one amongst us (fobsquad from Savaii) who remembered Birthdays
And sent flowers and cards and letters
..And Received letters.
Because she is sincere, caring, considerate, forward thinking and beautiful like that.
Yes, she’s my gorgeous sister like that.
Happy Birthday Omega Malelega

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