Monday, September 07, 2009

Tamaitai Samoa- their stories

Yesterday, I did challenge myself to have a 'positive energy' day today.
...and I felt it was best not to write because I just find airy fairy cheery blabberings a waste of "good" time.
Rather, I'd Live and absorb the happy times and use this blog to scream out my not-so-happy joy joy momentos.

...but my moments of cheeriness are blurred with my near tears, not from tragedy or misfortune but by Koke Aiono.
As I was reading all the news reports about the road switch, I stumbled across a book (online) by Peggy Fairbairn Dunlop titled "Tamaitai Samoa - their stories".

Koke's story left me so intriqued and sentimental about her, her life and the life of older Samoans like her who have lived through so much and whose life stories are sadly not shared.
I must be premenstual becuase I am overly emotional.
Koke has always one of my inspirations growing up. But reading and living through her childhood narration and her youthfulness is even more insightful.
She refers to when she was a child, gathered around her grandfather while he told fagogo and they responded with an "Aue".
We did this with our grandmother Faleasiu and great uncle Lealali Iopu.
I was born six decades after Koke but I felt a connection with her experience as a child, anxious for the fagogo, but only after we ku'iku'i the elder's feet or walked on their back or fetched their kapa'a.
The difference ended there.
Koke walked the length of Samoa to teach children and teach teachers, she had nine children, she played a major role in the development of the samoan school cirriculum and the Peace Corp's learning of the samoan language and she had a huge influence on the samoan language we were taught in school and and she was simply.....amazing!!
There is another story that I could access about Tiresa Lesatele Vaai, which is even more inspirational because her humble beginnings were from Sataua in Savaii, one the villages that were completely destroyed by Ofa and Val cyclones in 90' and 91'.
I love that this book tells the stories in a simple and understandable way that it is so truthfully telling.
I love this book before I even bought it!

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